15 thoughts on “Mike Malaska Live Lesson — Downswing Theory with Monica

  1. Saw this video and it was lightbulb moment. Went to the range hit a few poor shots but the vast majority were really solid. A 26 handicapper and I got my 5 iron 200 yards, unbelievable. It felt effortless, I hope I can maintain it and take it to the course.

  2. Tennis racket maneuver causes casting, over-the-top and excessive rolling of the wrists during the downswing. Absolutely wrong technique! Rolling of the wrists should occur just after impact, during the followthrough.

  3. Very good – if you listen to Mike he never says you have to play using his method – he says many ways to play but harder to play fighting certain physics that naturally happen. Seems like a good guy

  4. Tried this on the range today, fantastic. Now have an understanding of using momentum. Ball starts off a little left at present but when I manage to get the ball to go more to the right it goes with a slight draw. Will keep working on it . Thanks Mike.

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