Golf Lesson Club Path To Far Right

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Golf Lesson Club Path To Far Right lesson with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks club path when trying to help more golfer with their golf swing via his golf app. With a path that looks to far right watch as Mark offers simple and easy drills and tips to help this golfer think of a different way to swing the golf club.

Golf Lesson Club Path To Far Right

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Chris I says:

Good thought there about body/weight awareness and the way the weight comes
down on the forward foot after impact. For me when I want a fade (left to
right) I’m thinking about following through with a bit more weight on my
heal. That is often helps me get a wee bit of face open to path to turn the
ball. If people haven’t tried this before its worth a few swings
alternating between front foot weighting position (heal, center-arch,toe)
to see how ball flight is affected.

Dave Wade says:

Good one Mark as usual. It would be good for you to do a couple of
session’s just on showing us the different techniques to create
in/out/neutral swing path’s comparing alignment and body motion or swing
plane variation methodolgies. I think the latter would be more interesting
as it would teach us more of the ‘feel’ for the different path’s. Cheer’s,

Chase Pack says:

Are these swings sent through the app?

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