16 thoughts on “Hip Speed and Swing Speed

  1. BUT….. the knee shot had hip and core firing at full speed just a little more restricted then standing but they were not removed from the equation lol… watch it again. Hips/core provide the foundation…. If you removed them you'd have very little…. Imagine hangin from your arm pits and try swinging with no hips involved and only arms….

  2. Just nonsense. Degrees per second (dps) is not a measure of speed, its a measure of rotation. On your knees your hips will naturally rotate less degrees than on your feet. Just look at how less your shoulders rotated too!

  3. I have not played golf in years.because of a car accident. I played 5 years over the top swing, and when I thought I fixed it I ended up going from big slice to big hook. I come across Darryl Klassen video and did what he suggests. and started firing my hands like using a hammer, and allowing my hips to close the club head. I virtually started hitting longer and got the nice little fade I wanted. So seeing this video just today reminded me the same things he was saying. Speed is made with the hands and direction is made with the body rotation,.

  4. your thought about LPGA players hip speed being faster than mens. Blew my mind. i started swinging my arms more shot 75 76 getting better thanks MONTE

  5. All due respect Monte – this video can cause people to focus on "throwing one's arms" at the ball and losing connection with the body. I'm sure you've talked about this in your other video's so just a caution to those who may take this without considering all the other variables in the golf swing.

  6. Monty would this statement be true in your opinion…"it's not about how fast your hips go but more about how fast your hips slow down or stop, thus allowing that power to be transferred to your arms than the club head." I feel like it's how effectively I post/get stable on the front leg allows me swing my arms faster. I also feel like I cast/release the club at the top and this guy bed me 10-15mph more at the bottom….insane.

  7. Great demonstration. But as far as sequencing the swing, do you believe the hips start first on the downswing and then the arms follow? Or are you saying the arms start at the exact same time as the hips on the downswing?

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