The 2 Best Golf Swing Tips I'm Currently Teaching

In this video, I'm going to share with you the 2 best golf swing tips I'm currently teaching. These tips will help you improve your golf swing and give you the results you're looking for.

If you're looking for ways to improve your golf swing, then you need to watch this video! These swing tips will help you hit the ball farther and straighter, and give you the shots you need to compete on the golf course. Switching to a more vertical line swing direction can make your golf game a lot better.

If you're looking to improve your golf pivot as well, then this video is for you! I'll show you how to switch to a more vertical swing, as well as a simple golf pivot drill to help you get better golf swing rotation. With these tips, you'll be able to hit the ball farther and straighter, no matter what your handicap is!

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28 thoughts on “The 2 Best Golf Swing Tips I'm Currently Teaching

  1. Todd, I am 78, still hit driver in the 230 to 240 range, 7 iron 140-145, PW 115 etc etc. Love 99% of your teaching. Something that works for me is to not close my stance, but have it open (similar to a baseball player hitting to left field). In other words, hips are already open when I start my swing. Not sure I did this when I was younger but it certainly works for me as a senior golfer. Very seldom am I off the fairway, and usually close or on the green with my short irons. I have been told by some instructors, that is has something to do with my eyes (being predominately right eyed). It has also helped with my putting.

  2. One of my favorite swings is an LPGA player, Minji Lee. I think she has a great swing. She's is amazingly strong for a relatively small player. She has effortless power and tremendous consistence. Todd, thanks for another great lesson, you've help so much over the years. I'd like to wish you and your family happy holidays from Kapolei Hawaii. Your friend, Pat

  3. I am not sure if this matches what swing cataylst show? Some examples showed long drive with left heel up but pressure is of the chart on the left toes. I know you talk about weight here but pressure and weight get so mixed up with people

  4. I’m a 71yr old golfer who started playing at 18 yrs of age. Saw some decent play in my 30/40s; but now a 15 playing from the senior tees. Admittedly, as a result, I started watching way too many golf instruction channels. That is, until I found yours. Not only is it geared to my age, the simplicity of the instruction is easily absorbed. I’m not looking for anything here at all. Just want to say I drop kicked all my other subscriptions to focus on yours. Your vertical swing approach just makes sense! Good stuff!

  5. I thought I had everything corrected before I posted the last comment but after reading it I realize there is a mistake. I said weight shift to the right and it should be to the left. So to clarify, the weight/pressure should shift to the right(trail hip) until the club reaches parallel. As the back swing continues the weight should start moving to the LEFT (toward the lead hip). In your video you show the upper body leaning toward the target (a reverse pivot) at the top of the back swing and I agree 100% that you should avoid doing that move. You need to maintain your spine angle tilted slightly away from the target. So we agree on most everything with the exception of when the weight shift to the Left should start. I believe it should start before you reach the top of the back swing. I like the idea of pausing at the top of the back swing to help with tempo and rhythm. I use that drill all the time but I think the weight should be re-centered and not on the trail foot when you make that pause. John from south east Pennsylvania.

  6. I'm 75 with slow swing speed. I have a lot of trouble getting my 5 wood, 4, 5 6 hybrids in the air. Makes it difficult when I need to go over hazards. What can I do to get higher golf shots?

  7. I watch all your videos and love and agree with almost all of them. However, I have to disagree with the first half of this one. So many sources that use pressure plates have shown that the best golfers start their weight shift to the right just after the club reaches parallel on the takeaway. By the top of the back swing their weight is re-centered and pretty much back where it was at address. This video goes against what everyone else is saying and they have the technology to back it up. Again, I love your videos but have to disagree with this one. John

  8. That’s a great video mate . You have to love the way Jack was but I still love Freddie and his amazing smooth golf swing . From Australia ?? mate ?⛳️?️‍♀️

  9. An old golf pro once said, "Nobody ever hit the ball with their backswing." He was saying that the golf swing had two parts: the backswing and the forward swing and they need to be kept separate. You have to FINISH your backswing before you even think about starting down. Many people are so anxious to hit the ball, or to hit the ball really hard, that they jump the gun with their downswing and ruin the shot.

  10. Got to be honest, always loved Seve's swing but that was unique to him! For longevity, you can't look much past Adam Scott. Simon, Southampton, England

  11. I love your instruction. I struggle with dragging the club inside and not getting good impact. I’ve been using you instructions and have hit much better shots. Even increased my distance significantly. 66 years old and was a 7 handicap but went up to 10 this year. Excited to get it back where it belongs using your instructions.

  12. I play with hybrids, wondering if each time you make a video like this with irons you could make comments on how hybrids may be different and how to hit them. Many of us are using hybrids.

  13. I’ve had 3 back operations and now after taking a 2 year break I’m topping the ball all the time so can you do something on how to overcome such disabilities 6:24am The Villages Fl.

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