Hit it Further – Improve Smash Factor

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Quan Ma says:

That swing looked pretty slow to be over 100mph club head speed

Brian Billings says:

I can't seem to find any discussions about smash factor for iron strikes. Does anyone know if the ideal still 1.5 for irons?

Antonio Lopez says:

Good explanation to the importance of center hits.

Dessert Man says:

Form I’m to hit one center face then in heel is pretty talented👍👍👍 great example and teaching tip

Gatsby O'Connor says:

Something doesn't add up.  You said 1 mph in ball speed equals 2 yards of distance.  So the first drive had a ball speed of 154 mpg, and distance of 270.  The second swing showed ball speed of 133 and distance of only 142.  A loss of 21 mpg in ball speed should have shortened the drive by 42 yards, making it around 228, not 142.  I'm assuming that was a mistake on the Trackman.  There is no way that second drive only went 142 yards.

Bout2 says:

sooooo the tip is hit the center of the club??

gmonkey808 says:

'Smash factor'? is this a term for centre hit?

FullTimeHypocrite says:

does ballspeed ONLY depend on where i made contact or is there another notable influence like say spinloft?

Neil Eglinton says:

Dear Martin, when starting the backswing with the Driver, for a high handicap (20+) should we be looking to take the club back and away from us, to give us more chance of the downswing coming inside out and hit those draws?  Thanks a lot for all of your videos they definitely provide food for thought.

Bret Douglas says:

After seeing this great tip I went and got some foot powder spray and headed to the range.  Wow.  I never realized just how off-center I've been hitting the ball.  Is it any wonder that my driving is so inconsistent? Any tips to correct heel hits?

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