Hogan Swinging Left Drill

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R Oliver says:

How can you get any kind of club head speed like this?

GALA Tolik says:

Hello. I feel like the bowed left wrist is a very weak, losing pressure with last three fingers, and the handle scratches my glove after impact at P7.5, sometime the club flyes out from the hands before its coming to finish position. Any cure please…

Jason Smith says:

I think that what leads people down the incorrect path in terms of how they "release" the golf club is the fact that a great many teachers have the club opening in to a toe up position going back. From there, the rolling of the forearms just makes sense through impact. You will see many more great players with a classically shut club face position and a body release pattern in the future.

Rob Saxe says:

Working with this concept, which I have touched on for years, changed my game completely. It helped to keep the clubhead come from inside the target line, to the target line then back inside the target line rather than too much in to out which I was deep in to. Crossing the line, unless you're trying to intentionally curve the ball, kills my shot consistency. (obviously)

Leemz100 says:

This is interesting but how do you generate any clubhead speed if you're using the body to move the club? How does the club ever release?

randy underwood says:

is there a vid about his footwork and how to apply that to this?

Adrian Harrison says:

Just what i have been looking for

Jim Blatt says:

BJ, is there any reason not to combine this drill with your Hogan Pivot Drill to produce one continuous practice motion?


Bill Hill says:

OMG this is going to bring my game to a brand new level, thank you so much B.J. Body swing!!!

JJMcKinnon1 says:

Nice video. Two tips in practicing the mini shot demonstrated: 1) Don't let the right shoulder rotate out coming through, (shanks), but more under as seen in Hogan and Trevino. 2) Remember that Hogan and Trevino used clubs with flat lie angles. Today's upright lie angles make this method nearly impossible to learn. They almost demand a flippy hand release post impact. (You can buy great old forged blades on ebay inexpensively. They are soft and easy to adjust the lie angle. If you grip down a bit, or even shorten your driver and fairway woods, it has the effect of flattening the lie angle without doing anything to the head. Experiment with flatter lie angles if you want to train "swinging left" like Hogan and Trevino.)

William Brown says:

So basically there is no release of the hands in the downswing is that correct?

Accidental Talmudist says:

Is it correct to observe that the racket is not square to the target line until it is well past address? Meaning you would be hitting a ball before it reached your left foot. When I do this drill with a golf club, I only get square in time to reach the ball if the hips are well ahead of the hands, and I guess that’s the point?

aName says:

Magical video. Finally got my body to move correctly!

jennifer says:

this is so well explained…very glad i found your instruction.

Robert Bernard says:

Hogan kept his right elbow tucked in to his side on the downswing and at impact.

Thomas Strand says:

I use a heavy plunger. Works great.

Simon Le Bonne says:

It looks like Mr Hogan's right elbow is a little behind his right hip, not a good idea.

JayZoop says:

I found the secret to do this is to have the left elbow turn over near your body.   It pulls to the left as you turn your body.  This allows the club and hands to catch up and break over nicely.

Diego Diaz says:

And there's no chance in a shank ? If for mortals like me can't swing as fast as the Great Man.

Sarullo Pens says:

great tutorial

Mike Means says:

Great video, BJ best I have seen from the impact position to finish. I always struggled with section of the swing, but this really helps with the pivot and rotating the body to get left.

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