Holly Sonders: Most Beautiful Women in Golf

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Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders talks about learning golf from her mom and working her dream job in this video for Golf.com’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf series.


VWGTI says:

I`d love to plant my seed inside her

Cjango Freeman says:

Come on now! Just because you voted for Britney Spears as the best singer
ever lived, now this. She is short, a bad set of bolt-ons, puts on make up
by the pound, hair extensions, spray on tan, horse veneers and acts like an
(undeserved) diva, what has she done for golf?

Kevin Nelson says:

Too much make-up,she is however a good golfer from what I have seen but
model Hmmmm NOT

Zachariah Jeffreys says:

who’d fuck her? me!

ken d says:

AT 20 seconds, she could be talking about me.

Jon White says:

The women of golf look great, the photos however blow ass.

Golf Buddy says:

She can sign my banana

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