Here we are folks – The initial testing of the new TaylorMade Qi10 series of drivers for 2024.

How do these new drivers stack up against the previous Stealth Drivers? Has the re-engineered 60X Carbon Twist Face created a more energy efficient transfer, being significantly lighter that traditional titanium faces?

Has the infinity Carbon Crown which now covers 97% of the total crown area, not only look better aesthetically but improved the weight distribution to add to forgiveness, as claimed?

Or have we hit the glass ceiling, and depending how badly you hit it, will depend on how badly that glass shatters?

Come find out as Rob and Nick hit all 3 driver heads in this initial test of the new products.

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10 thoughts on “TAYLORMADE Qi10 DRIVERS INITIAL TESTING // Improvement on Stealth?

  1. Good stuff rob
    Swings looking good mate
    Loved all your stuff with rick but your testing is a lot more relatable to the mass of golfers out there who dont have pro like swing speeds. Looking forward to the future videos????????

  2. Hi Rob, any chance you can compare this against the ADAMS driver, both technically being a TM products. Knowing Nick was a adams fitter on tour it would be nice to hear his opinion on adams making come back.

  3. Damn Rob, I haven't seen you since your Rick Shiels videos. Your swing seems to have improved quite a bit, but not your hair.???? I'm looking forward to watching future videos.

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