How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? (By Handicap)

There is a big misconception that scratch golfers hit it much further than the rest of club golfers, but is this the reality?

In this video, I use ShotScope statistics to run through the average distances scratch, mid-handicap and high-handicap golfers hit their golf clubs so you can see how your yardages stack up.

This video was filmed at Pula Golf Club in Mallorca ➡

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Hi, I'm Hannah Holden; welcome to my channel!

I am a +2 golfer from Leeds

This YouTube channel aims to help you improve your golf by offering up-to-date reviews on the latest golf equipment, stats on how scratch golfers shoot low scores, and course vlogs to help improve your course management.

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18 thoughts on “How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs? (By Handicap)

  1. This is liberating. I was frustrated at my inability to hit my 7 iron and driver longer than 160 and 260, thinking that I must be doing something wrong to be so “short.” Now I can cut myself some slack and focus on real issues.

  2. Wow Hannah, thanks! According to your calculations, I am now a 5 Hcp!
    Actually, age and infirmity have caught up with me. I'm happy just to be out there. Thanks for another interesting video.

  3. 47 years young. Have been playing for 35 years. Lowest handicap I've been is 5. Last 5 years I have lost around 10 yards but still can regularly get it out there at 270. I'm currently playing off of 9.

    Is this average data skewed by par 3s? In my opinion a savage short game is the way to get lower. Drive for show putt for dough!

    But one thing i have learnt its better to take 1 more club and swing a bit easier, instead of trying push it out there. Specially with irons into greens

  4. I just started golfing, 63 years old I hit the ball straight, but the constant emphasis on distance is like how fast a pitcher throws in baseball, without accuracy it's useless.

  5. great video…but disappointed to see wildlife unfriendly courses like this one…. any animal that fell into that "walled" pond wouldn't be able to get out and drown. we need to make all courses wildlife and animal friendly. it's the least we can do.

  6. 40 years old, golfing seriously since Covid, 10-15hcp. I really only ever use 3-4 clubs (not including putter)
    Sw – 110yds
    7i – 165yds
    5w – 200ish
    D – 240-260yds

  7. Great stuff. First time watching one of your videos, won't be the last. Thank you for the honest content, much to learn for anyone who watches.

  8. lol Hannah, the editing and post production on your videos is getting really great lol, the little quick-asides are tickling me quite a lot. Of course, your content is stellar as always. Cheers from the Boston area in MA stateside!

  9. Started in my mid 20's and got to 13 handicap, ( no talent whatsoever!). Stopped playing for 30 years and my main problem now is not my distance but my mind thinking I can still play like I used to.

  10. I max out my driver at 180 yards. Can't hit any farther. Tried everything, even help from many teaching pros. It's the primary reason I can't break 90.

  11. Was this an advert for Shot Scope? Which I already have and use? Totally agree with the whole video. Just need to add that hitting as long as you can isn’t always the best option!! Risk and reward, approach distance left etc…I loved the “simmer down bit????” great point that a par 4 or 5 hole is more than a drive.

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