GI App: Entering Scores

Entering General Play Scores which count towards your Handicap Calculation:

One of the principal differences between the WHS and the old handicapping system, is that all scores from both Acceptable Scoring rounds and General Play rounds are acceptable for handicap purposes, once they comply with the Rules of Handicapping and Rules of Golf. Whether you are playing at your Home Club or at any other Golf Ireland Affiliate Club, General Play rounds can now be submitted using the Golf Ireland App.

In advance of submitting a General Play score, you must first establish that the course/tees you intend to play from are set up to satisfy Acceptable Score Conditions. The club at which you are playing will be able to confirm this prior to you teeing off.

Then, in advance of your round and in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping, you must register your intent to submit a General Play Score. In order to do this, you MUST be located in the vicinity of the Course you wish to play.

From the Enter Score section, click “Create” where you can then select a Club and the Marker or tee set you will play from. Once you click save and agree to “Proceed” you have then registered your intent and your scorecard will be created.


To enter your score, click on the scorecard you have just created.

It should be noted that you enter your own score on your Golf Ireland app and you should also keep the score of a player whose score you are attesting. You may choose to also enter the scores of your other playing partners, however these scores cannot be submitted by you to the Golf Ireland WHS Platform.

If your playing partners want their scores submitted, they must enter them on their own app.

If you still wish to keep your playing partner’s scores, you can add a playing partner by clicking “Add Player”. Your friends list will then appear and you can select one of them,
You can also search for a fellow club member by name or a member of another Golf Ireland Affiliate Club by searching their membership number.
If your playing partner is not a member of an Affiliate Club you can choose to add a Guest, however your score Attestor must be a member of an Affiliate Club.


Once you have added your playing partners, select your starting hole and click “Start Round”.

Use the number pad or the plus and minus icons to enter your score and your playing partner’s score for each hole and then press “next” when that hole is completed. Compete this process for your round and after entering the scores for your final hole, click “Finish Round”.


Check your scores carefully and ask your marker to verify them for you. It is suggested that you call your scores out to your marker and that they verify them hole-by-hole.

Once you and your marker are happy, click “Confirm Score”.


You will then digitally sign the card and confirm your marker’s (or Attestor) Name and/or membership number.

Then click “Save”.


Your Attestor will then receive a notification to confirm your score. To do this, they must log on to the app using their login details and check the messages section.

It should be noted that a score will not appear on a player’s scoring record until it is attested and that a score cannot be attested within 2 hours of the scorecard being created for an 18 hole round.

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  1. This is a rubbish app….my playing partner could not access the app, therefore he could not attest my score, therefore golf ireland gave me a penalty for not entering my score…'s a joke….

  2. 1:16 Clarification: "Playing partner attester must be a member of an affiliated club"
    As I understand it they also must have a handicap index which some members of affiliated clubs may not have.

  3. why does the commentator speak so quickly [ and incoherently ]…?…I could not understand a word / phrase / sentence during the whole presentation…could it be done again in a 'not so rushed' way…?…Thank You

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