I Fit My Dad (18 hcp) With The Best Golf Game Improvement Irons of 2024

I fit my Dad for new Golf Game improvement irons. I compared his 18 year old Ping G5 irons to new game improvement irons in 2024. We tested the Ping G430s, new Taylormade Qi10 irons, Titleist T350, Cobra Forged Tec X, Srixon ZX4 MKii and the Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal High Launch. How much difference is there in performance? Find out what my Dad ended up getting fit for.

All that, and more………

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Thanks for watching the video Best Golf Game Improvement Irons 2024 // I fit my Dad (18 hcp)

00:00 Intro
01:26 Current Clubs
05:49 Ping G430
09:23 Taylormade Qi10
14:40 TM Qi10 Graphite
16:50 Cobra Forged Tec X
20:10 Titleist T350
24:03 Srixon ZX4 MKII
29:20 Mizuno JPX 923 HM HL
33:46 Try TM Again
35:55 Data Compare
38:12 Dad's Reaction

28 thoughts on “I Fit My Dad (18 hcp) With The Best Golf Game Improvement Irons of 2024

  1. Play with my dad’s 1984 Ping Eye 2 black dots. Have had many other sets, always go back to the Pings. 12 handicap, can probably shave that to 9 with modern clubs. Lol

  2. I’d love to get fitted like that for clubs but more importantly, I hope my daughter has that kind of respect for me when she’s your age. Nice job Dad and son.

  3. I love the video, it was so nice of you to do for him but man I can’t hardly say you upgraded him considering the stronger lifts of modern clubs. Those pings were some pretty good clubs.

  4. Great video with your dad, now I know the idea of the video was to buy him new clubs but it would have been interesting to see his Ping G5s fitted with the 50gram graphite shaft.

  5. The mizuno 923 Hot Metal HL's are basically retro-lofted, so its not really apples to apples compairing the distance with a modern TM 7 iron… Its a classic 7i vs the modern equivalent of a traditional 6i. That may be a little of my own bias talking though ????. It was a really cool thing to do for your dad and i know he'll be happy with what you fit him in to.

  6. I play Ping G5s. Lol
    I can write 80 on my score card at the beginning of a round (par72) and be within 4 or 5 strokes either way.
    My low round last season was one over par 73 and my worst score was 91. Same course.

  7. Nice video! subscribed I use 50 year old Tom Watson grind Ram irons and would not change for any reason. These irons are from 1000 run batch used by TW to win the US Open.

  8. Loved the video! I wish more channels would do fittings with higher hip players, I think it's more relatable to most players(arguably and selfishly). I was hoping you would go back to his old club at the end because I didn't think it was a fair baseline, because once he warmed up he seemed to do much better.

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