How Fast Is The Greatest Rally Driver Of All Time… At A Rally Game?

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We challenge 9 time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb to a race on DiRT 4… What could possibly go wrong?
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Aryan says:

Do they pin comments?

Mark D says:

In his prime SL could outdrive anyone on earth!

GDUBMX says:

Dirt 4, kids game

dan521 says:

why not do it in Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO

Michael Douglas says:

I want to see him vs everyone at their own motorsports.. he'd make everyone look slow

Ingemar Oskar says:

Such a shame they used dirt 4 for this..

Jukka Muhonen says:

You would have lost F1 simulator for Loeb too. 🙂

Piotr Gancewski says:

Why am I seeing this now and not like a year ago

Lucio says:

Dude why dont you put something like Dirt 4 side by side your run vs Loeb instead of showing your face doing “o man im terrible” 200000000000 times, at least let me watch Loeb on Dirt4

Hill says:

he used to be gymnast? no wonder he can always do the backflips regularly

DarthRyuu says:

its not emabarrassing when you suck at a game and loose to Sebastien Loeb, its just stupid that you tried…

Noodle says:

Prime Walter Röhrl is faster.

The nextinline says:

FIA didn't give him the license because these scumbags didn't want him to make those idiots in F1 look like clueless kids driving for the first time.He would have DOMINATED.

tungabunga says:

Still no balls as big as drivers from gr. b

IroAppe says:

I have only seen you on tarmac, when the interesting thing in Rally comes with different slippery and bouncy surfaces!

Jako says:

i wonder if sebastions car is faster if he isnt sitting on THOSE MASSIVE BALLS OF STEEL

markiemark says:

Didn‘t see Walter Röhrl tough…

Johannes Pfeiffer says:

Loeb looking like Russel Crowe 😀

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