In this video, Neil Tappin tests two new drivers at different price points. He puts a driver that comes in at less that £300 through its paces up against a driver that costs almost £500. The question is, what are the big differences and what do you give up if you opt for a less expensive option?

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  1. I bought the PXG 0211 on Amazon for $119. It was more of an “off the shelf”, all they had left was what I currently use in my Taylormade R7 draw driver. 10.5 degree of loft in a regular flex.

    I wanted a Senior flex and either the 10.5 or a 12 degree of loft. It’s adjustable 1.5+/- so I can go from 9 to 12 in the loft. I can add a Senior shaft for about $60, but that’s 1/2 what I paid for the whole driver, so………

    I have tried this driver 3 times. When I hit it good, it goes farther than my Taylormade R7, which was only $21, bought used. Not much farther however, maybe 15 yards tops.

    Currently my swing is crap though, so I have to keep comparing, as I do get more of the better hits with the R7. Sometimes the PXG just feels flat or dead, probably me though.

    I hit my TaylorMade Miscela very well, ladies flex, 12 or 14, I think 14 degree loft, but shorter than the other 2 drivers, no surprise for a 275cc head. Igor this driver for $4 at a thrift store and usually use it as a strong 3 wood, or when I just can’t hit the driver well.

    For comparison PXG hit well, about 250-275, great for me. R7 hit well more often so far, and it’s 235-265, lastly, the Miscela, almost always get a good hit, 200-225.

    I like all 3 clubs though.

  2. I just bought this driver today 10/23/2022 on Amazon for the price of $119 dollars American. I have the Epic Max and am wanting to see what this will do for me. I am 66 with a 20 handicap and my swing speed is around 85 to 90. Had to buy it for the price.

  3. I will always sacrifice a bit of distance for control and the ability to shape shots. When I replaced my irons 2 years ago I lost about 8-10 yards on each club(granted they are slightly weak on loft), but gained a ton of control and my dispersion tightened quite a lot

  4. Just came across this video. Today is August 23rd 2022, so I thought I'd throw in a little tidbit of info.

    Currently, a PXG 0211 is $322 Canadian (tax and shipping included) and the Taylormade Stealth Plus is $880 Canadian (tax incl). That is a difference of $558! So… there ya go.

  5. Only one thing, it would be quite nice to see the ball flight in the video. Hope you can do it next time? Greetings from interested German golfer:-))

  6. I’m a 6/7 handicapper and had the PXG 0211 for about 6-8 months. Very similar to your findings it’s not the longest driver I’ve ever hit but I find it very straight and forgiving. And it’s relatively cheap given how crazy golf club pricing has gone in last few years.

  7. This wasn't a great reviews lads, tried to leave the suspense for far too long. Just tell us the dam thing. The driver actually looks shit. I might preform ok, but pxg aren't mainstream so what's the point. And budget???? Also against New 600 driver, when it should have been tested against Cleveland and Wilson, which are far better looking than PXG. PXG in my opinion are actually ugly.

  8. Played today with my secondhand driver bargain, Pxg 0211, bought on Facebook marketplace locally last night for £100. I'll be honest, didn't wow me, i didn't notice much difference if any over my current driver, a G25 Ping, I'll give it another couple of rounds before deciding if it stays or goes

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