How good is this junior golfer?

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7 year old, Emory Munoz, replicates Matthew Wolf's swing and much more #chicagogolf #juniorgolf #shorts #coghill #toptracer #golfrange #golfswing #golf #golfer


CandiezFN says:

this kid is piping it w a baby draw idek if he means to do it but wow

Sharon Pfingst says:

How far did he hit those

JØ₭ɆⱤ says:

That swing tho

cat Jesus God says:

I don't think that you are the best person golfer!!

Boston Nate says:

That boy is incredible!!!! Get him on the short game tho it’s the most important

TrollAlong5150 says:

Keep him away from Mauercio Deleon from Fer and Mau squad!!

LegoMan432 says:

Belting it out there and having a blast 🙂 good times! Impressive and fun

コーイチ【KOICHI】 says:


Fergus Fitzgerald says:

Wow this kid is great! He is having fun that's what golf should be about – great talent good man!

Bassically everything 2.0 says:

Not that good

Byntlee says:

I’m better I ain’t even gonna cap with y’all

TrollAlong5150 says:

He just bashes it like nothing smh !! I struggle to hit that driver

blues3531 says:

Kid has the smoothest Happy Gilmore I’ve seen outside of Adam Sandler.

S.R. says:

So nice to be young and just wale at it. Friggin nice job kid I'm jealous.

Poker26 says:

Crazy amazing. The kid is a natural. Keep it up and listen to your parents. 👍

AP says:

Very natural in his swing at that age!

Frank Koolosko says:

My son started tournament golf at five years old. They were starting them at the 175 yard marker on the fairway and he was driving the greens. He won the Central Florida division of the drive chip and putt as a 12 years old with a 248 yard Drive.

カレーうどん says:

You can be a pro kid

mtdstc says:

Well the bryson was way off, but the Wolfe was spot on.

Undercover Noob says:

im a kid golf i hit my drives at 110 yards his first form was TERRIBLE!

Jacko says:

He is happy Gilmore lol

GoldChump says:

How about a Hubert Green imitation… 🙂

Markus Hayes says:

My 3 year old cousin is better.

monsterbob56 says:

holy natural talent what a beautiful swing

Fellowrser says:

Am i missing something it went 125 yards lol wanna see something go check out charlie woods

Bidwellz9 says:

when natural ability and genuine joy meet.


I'm more impressed by the left handed shot

Ryan Wiegel says:

the ball flight is so pure

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