17 thoughts on “MASTER YOUR HYBRIDS 3 simple hybrid golf basics

  1. For me the toughest club to hit. I just got them end of last season so still learning how hit them. I'm starting to make better contact, when I do hit them clean they really do fly out there

  2. Hey can you help me with my back swing? I hit my irons pretty good when I don’t go full backswing but when I try to go full backswing I end up topping the ball, hitting it too hard and can get a piece of it.

  3. I haven't been able to make the switch from long irons to hybrids, partly because I love my long irons, but also because I've never felt right with a hybrids in my hands and my shots reflect that.

    I'll try this setup and mindset once it's warm enough to swing a club without throwing out my back. I still love a good long iron strike, though.

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