How I Fixed Lee's SLICE In Just 5 SHOTS! | 2 Simple Golf Swing Changes | ME AND MY GOLF

How I Fixed Lee's Slice In Just 5 SHOTS! | 2 Simple Golf Swing Changes – In this weeks video I share with you an incredible golf lesson I recently had with one of my students! I gave Lee 2 Simple Golf swing changes which eradicated his slice in just 5 shots! A lesson I just had to share with you guys!


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30 thoughts on “How I Fixed Lee's SLICE In Just 5 SHOTS! | 2 Simple Golf Swing Changes | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. I am pretty new to the game of Golf and even tho i can get pretty decent shots, this slicing issue is driving me mad, i have never seen this advice in other videos , this downtime thing coupled to the other things i am practicing almost every day could really make the difference. But it is such hard to think about all of these during a swing ahah

  2. I’m so inconsistent, I can hit them straight then suddenly a slice and very often a hard hook sharp left right off the tee!? Can you help,please guys?

  3. Great reminder guys, had been leaving some out to the right lately. Went to the range and started working the hand rotation through impact and sure enough, shots right back on line and/or a little draw. An old impact-bag, toe-in video of yours is one of my favorites for that "downtime" move through impact.

  4. Was nice to see you guys at my home course. And thanks for the tip for my mate as to where you got the shorts; “Through the post” ??

  5. i noticed that both of you have elbow pain issues and are wearing bracelets, i have the same issue, which bracelet brand would you recommend ? thanks

  6. Is there a chance we will get too ‘handsy’ with the slice repair? Scratch that! I just took this out to the course. After 3 snap hooks, I started hitting a nice aggressive draw for the first time in years. After averaging 200m for the last year or so and chalking it up to old age (62), I'm now hitting 240m+. Can't wait to check it out in competition. I'm sure I'll be wild for awhile, but I'm looking forward to hitting shorter clubs into greens. Cheers!

  7. Help! Fix my hook with irons. I have completely eliminated any slice I may have had over the years and now I fear the hook with the irons.

  8. Guys…I would appreciate any advice on the following – my iron ball striking was always good, but lately I've been hitting it thin or really fat. I play the ball typically in the middle of my stance (let's imagine 7 iron). Just for an experiment (because I thought that I may be swaying or early extending), I put the ball further back in my stance and now hit the ball extremely crisp. Any suggestions?

  9. Great upload. You are such good golf-swing teachers. This happened to me in mid 90.s. After being slicer for 15 years a friend of me gave me a lesson and explained some fundamentals and suddenly I could draw a ball. It was a moment I never forget.

  10. I just had a lesson yesterday and was doing the same drill with the clubface. This helps to reinforce that, so thanks. By the way, what are the bands you both have on your arms?

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