Fix Your High Push Cuts

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PUSH SLICES – PGA Professional Robin Symes explains a simple swing thought to fix a high push slice shot.



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James Bunnett says:

Robin… I…. love… I have been doing this exact set up and incorrection for the last 4 years. Suffering good rounds ruined by 10 because of sprayed right shots OOB or snap hooks left, chasing the ball with my wrists. I'll be at the range tomorrow

Grunt Newman says:

Still a great and helpful video today! Thanks!

Josh R says:

Great tip and thanks for that insight. It's definitely counter-intuitive but its exactly what's needed to correct it. Thanks!!

Al MA says:

Great video. I struggle with push shots and also try to fix it by swinging to the left, but what I got was slices or big pulls to the left. Thank you!

Chris Watters says:

I have a problem where I have a nasty right slice. But its more like a curveball. It starts off straight, but about three quarters of its distance it drastically curves to the right. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Its not the driver. It happens no matter which driver I use

huimin tsai says:

exactly my problem

Josh Martins says:

This is my same struggle. When I'm playing well I hit little draw. However inevitably a super high , push fade creeps in..I do exactly what you said..i start moving ball more forward in stance. Knowing full well that club is going to be going left at impact.

Scott Dennett says:

Thank you Robin. That is EXACTLY what I've been doing all of a sudden and now I finally have a picture in my head of how my swing path has changed and how to get back to the correct path. Can't wait to get to the range. Excellent video presentation and explanation.

Joe Thomas says:

Best video I've seen explaining pushed shots. I've gone past being able to calmly make reasonable adjustments, I've lost confidence and find myself flailing and doing all kinds of spazy things trying to square the club face. Had some 30 handicapper hitting a dead pull giving me unsolicited advice last time out. Not fun.

Paul Stewart says:

I was doing this last night too. Exactly as you described. I placed the ball on my left toe at address hoping to cure it. Never tried to put the ball back in my stance a tad. Thanks

Carlos Baez says:

What about the pull hook?thank you

gary etherson says:

Did this a few weeks ago with thro driver.   hitting it much straighter.  agree that putting the ball forward doesn't for me let the club have more time to close. way forward = off the planet slice.

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