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This week Chris answers a comment via Youtube on how to correct a push slice with the driver

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10 thoughts on “FIXING YOUR PUSH SLICE

  1. I push sliced every single shot and had an amazing repeating of this clustering 92 of 100 balls within 10 yard diameter circle at 215 doing this clustered me much much more straight and added 30 to 40 yards onto my distance thank you for the amazing video help

  2. I had this same issue yesterday (why I'm looking at these videos.) Come to find out, I was lining up out of no where with the mall middle of stance with my driver. Moved it back to being off of my lead heel, and the push fade/ block was gone. Hopefully for some of you, it was just ball position like it was for me. I wasn't allowing the face time to get square basically

  3. I’m starting 45 degree right and then slicing another 50-75 yards right. I have to aim at a 45 degree to the left out of bounds to get the ball to end up at the right edge of fairway

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