How I Shoot Under Par When I Don't Have My 'A' Game – Golf Course Tips

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Shooting lower scores and reducing your handicap doesn't always come as a result of making swing changes, the way that you mange your game on the course can save you a significant number of shots and help reduce those scores.

In this video I play holes 15 through 17 at The Forest of Arden and talk you through my thought process on every shot.

What you will see is that I am able to shoot under par for these 3 holes albeit without hitting any ‘perfect' golf shots or even aiming towards any of the flags.

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13 thoughts on “How I Shoot Under Par When I Don't Have My 'A' Game – Golf Course Tips

  1. Ive broke par last couple times and my main thing has been mentally im relaxing but im not aiming for par on any hole. Im aiming for birdies, just like when you start out adding one to every hole to break 90 subtract one from every hole. Mentally idk what it does

  2. I dont get the line on the ball for putting. I put the ball on line and stand back and check it. it often seems a fraction off and so when I am over the ball I can't commit to it.

  3. Do you know your five characters of your golf video Chris?
    # clearly explanation
    # it is matters to ordinarily golfer
    # sharp points
    # very effective
    # high quality and articulate videos/pictures

  4. I also have found that I consistently shoot in the 70's if I'm not "specific" with the target. I know Tiger says he goes aggressive at his spot but I've always preferred Mo Normans philosophy of feeling the ball to the hole. I actually play each shot as if it's a putt. I see the fairways and feel the ground on tee shots the same way I putt. That's just me though and I know that it might not work for everyone. I'm 100% a feel player.

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