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  1. Can I respectfully disagree with you removing the "crook" shots? Like you, I can't hit every shot in the same way, so my aim is to minimise the shockers. And believe me, the shockers are shocking! It seems that my rounds are defined by the effect of those errant shots that finish so far off line that they cost a shot, or more. As for the advice about improving your swing with a series of lessons rather than automatically expecting new sticks to cure our ills – spot on mate.

  2. I'm just getting into the game at a late age, and just finished my first season (half a season, actually). I just bought a set of used JPX 800 irons today, so your video was reassuring. However, I didn't realize that they are about 6 years old. Someone commented earlier about the lines on the face wearing out. The irons I bought are in very good condition. Is this something to be concerned about? Thanks for the video, such a great idea to make the comparison!

  3. It looks like you have the 800 pro forged iron and said the hot metal was more forgiving? Well that would be true but the pro versions have that trade off for more ability to shape your shots. I was a Callaway guy until I bought a set of 800 pro Mizunos. Sold both sets, Xhot and Xhot pros and now have the 2016 JPX EZ forged irons now. I am hopeful that the boron will keep them from Browning and they will last longer than earlier forged irons do. With boron, you loose some of the buttery feel though. Enjoyed this video!

  4. Fine test. I think the forged models have changed a bit more in forgiveness. The one piece forged model 850/900 had their sound dialed in. I played Mizuno blades for many years yet the sound of the one piece cavity back now sounds just like the blades a few years back, sound. Adding Boron and an undercut channel added a noticeable amount of forgiveness and that’s where the improvement is…IMO

  5. Great video. I use some 10 years old Taylor Made R7’s . Do they differ a lot from nowadays club? I really don’t know. I got fitted for the new M4’s and I was hitting my old ones better than the new model!
    How much have clubs evolved in the last 10 y? Can you test some clubs with a bigger gap between them?

  6. Don't irons grooves wear out though isn't that the reason we should upgrade our irons I've seen wedge tests between old and new and there's a big difference in spin numbers

  7. They haven't. Most selling points now are based around outright lies and misdirection where manufacturers just call a 3 iron a 5. Look at the latest offering from Cobra – they give Rickie Fowler his 5 iron and then give him this new 5 iron which is FIVE degrees stronger in loft and then all stand amazed at the extra 15 yards he gets out of it. It's outright lying at this point. Egged on by morons like Pete 'i like shiny things' Shields on youtube.

    I got some Mizuno blades off golfbidder for like a tenth of the original retail price. Some of the clubs have never been hit.

    Ten years ago it was the best thing to ever hit your game. Then 9 years ago it was better. Then better 8 years ago….etc. Do we really believe they have been improving on clubs that were at their limits 10 years ago ? Of course they haven't. What, has the game changed or something ? How can something which is the best thing ever in 2007 now be 'outdated' ? It CANT be.

    It's all marketing bs to get dollar off people.

    If you really want to improve your game get custom fit. Like proper custom fit.

  8. I"M a newbee golfer some of this is over my head, but I"m still interested . I would think comparing iron grand dad had to today's would be interesting, and you might see a larger difference as ideas have changed over the decades.

  9. I can't mention names, but recently I played golf with a high ranking Callaway executive. He stated very openly, that the best clubs there company ever produced were the x12 series. Apparently at Callaway HQ they have sets that are new but fitted with current shafts, that match anything around these days in terms of forgiveness and performance.

  10. This is a great video. Most guys would do better by seeing a pro and spending time practicing. As an engineer, the real advancement appears to be the invention of cavity back irons by Ping decades ago, everything else is fine tuning, styling and marketing.
    I had a used set of Titleist 775 forged cavity backs with stiff shafts that weren't forgiving and short on distance. I bought a new set of reg flex Mizuno JPZ EX irons 2014 model on close-out, and they are a huge improvement for my game. Time with the pro helped too.

    It's a tough deal for manufacturers, they have to come up with new stuff constantly and convince us to buy it. It's like trying to get you to buy a $40 bottle of bourbon instead of the $15 bottle that tastes the same.

  11. I still take my Wilson Staff bullet blades (1976) to the range once a month. I love these old clubs. Played to a 12 with them. The 7 iron is 38 degrees of loft with a 36.5 shaft. Not as long as my every day irons, but a lot of fun. The 5 iron is the same loft of many modern 7 irons. Loft to loft, I think the clubs are comparable. Just don't miss the sweet spot.

  12. Forget 5 years !, more like 20 years. In fact I saw testing done with a PING Eye2 irons with today's, only a few yards difference. You can NOT buy a game, golf takes practice.Sorry, but their is no need to buy irons yearly, Also golf great Johnny Miller once said its amateurs biggest mistake – changing irons to often.

  13. Great video Andrew. How about going further back? I still play with my T-Zoid Pro's from i think 20 years ago. Great iron with a penetrating ball flight. Can be punishing on off centre strikes. Would love to see thwm up against MP25's?

  14. I play the JPX 800 and frankly it is a great set and yes I have tried newer clubs from time to time from Mizuno and other manufacturers but nothing yet has performed well enough to cause me to even consider a change. I do believe these may have been a bit ahead of the game at their release in regard to performance.

  15. Great video. I love watching at these comparisons. Could it be possible to follow this one up with some videos comparing the same clubs used by players of different skill levels? I guess the true measurement of forgiveness is to see how does the club feels (or performs) to a high handicapper.

  16. Great job Andrew. Nice to now avg golfers dont have to break the bank on the latest and greatest technology. Much appreciated perspective. Same test for drivers would fantastic insight. well done. Mich

  17. that was a good video . I have a set of mp 53's and I'd like to see them up against the mp 25's also life expectancy if you have a set of irons that have seen a lot of use v a similar new say 5/6 yr old v the demo head in your bucket

  18. I knew there was a reason I keep my 2009 Cobra S 9's as my back up go to set.There is a club designer in the states named Ralph Maltby that came up with a way to differentiate and evaluate the playability between the iron head designs of all major manufacturers.Its referred to as the Maltby Playabilty Factor.For instance the 2002 Callaway X 14 Steelhead is rated as an ultra game improvement iron with MPF of 980 while the 2016 Callaway XR OS is considered a game improvement iron with MPF of 605.

  19. I got fitted for JPX 800 at Westhill GC five years ago and the proof of how good they are is the fact that there are very few sets on sale at Golfbidder compared with other models. So I think they were a big step forward for Mizuno , hence the similarity in performance with the latest model.

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