15 thoughts on “How much does club speed effect driver distances?

  1. Hi Andrew, I was hitting balls today using some old irons and I was hitting between 60-70mph. My driver was about 85mph. My irons are uniflex Callaway Diablo Edge R from 2012. I wonder if I need graphite shafts? I am 38. I wish my swing speed was faster.

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  3. I think that this question can only be answered by using a robotic ball launcher at various speeds. Consistent ball strikes at various speeds will remove any player error when trying to control or compensate for change in swing speed.

  4. Interesting video. A few things to bear in mind though. (1) Most of the indoor driving monitors are set to operate at an ambient temperature of about 70 degrees unlike much of our British weather (2) Barometric pressure also affects the ball flight significantly.
    Dan Whittaker did a recent video where he went from the indoor studio to outdoors on a winters day. So he went from 70/72 (20/22 degrees Centrigade) to about 4/5 degrees Centigrade with a 4mph headwind.
    Even he was amazed at how much distance he lost. His standard 8 iron which he said he hit absolutely flush was 30 yds short of the green.

  5. Goes to show it's all about strike and a combination of a good speed. Testing a 915 D2 yesterday and I was about 98mph but only with a 220 carry. Several other factors involved in that poor carry distance I think. Good video, you hit it longer than me and I'm only 38.

  6. Do you have GC2 with HMT?  If not it's all guesstimates for club head speed.  GC2 gives horrible estimates, at least for me with less than optimal strike.

  7. Nice video, Andrew! I had not seen anything like this before. I think it illustrates the point that, while strike is key, distance comes from velocity. Thanks for sharing!

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