How much CLUBHEAD SPEED do you need for 300 YARD DRIVES?

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A 300 yard drive is the ultimate goal for most golfers, but what actually makes a ball travel that far? In this video we measure clubhead speed alongside launch angle, spin rate and more to find out what the minimum speed required is to hit a 300 yard drive!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Derek N says:

Hit 318 yards today
175 mph ball speed
23 launch!!!
Driver set to 11.5 degrees

Tomorrow I’m setting my td ls to 12.5

Robert Brown says:

100 swing speed with 1.5 efficiency?

Robert Brown says:

What is the least amount of effort and still hit it that distance? Moe Norman. In his mid 60's.


Can you make the Foresight screen stay by the golfer and show a shot tracer instead of “flying” with the ball?

Leonard Rhode says:

Hi guys Leonard here so I currently have a unfitted driver Cobra F8+ with the Adila NV green X stiff shaft 65g +- settings is 9.5 degrees. I am seeing on flight scope X2 club head speed average of 108mph, spin over 3000rpm carry of 255 yards and total distance of 276yards, angle of attack averages 2.2 degrees upwards and dynamic loft averages at 15.6 degrees.
I definitely feel the head and shaft doesn't work for me and when I hit the ball above the equator I see total distance at 285yard range with spin around 2700-2900rpm.
Any recommendations you would make based on these numbers.Of course I most likely need a proper fitting.
All my clubs are unfitted and I'm shoot anything between 75 and 82 on average out on the golf course.

J L says:

I hit my G425 Max 10.5 about 260, but it balloons out, don’t have my spin numbers but I highly suspect the spin is way too high. Are my only options to loft down on the club? Maybe a different shaft will help?

Christian Roberts says:

I average 155mph ball speed and about 270 total distance… It really annoys me. Out of 100 balls at least half will be terrible and the rest will be good and maybe two or three will be 300 plus. It makes me want to quit because I can't do it everytime no matter how much I practice or want to I just can't find consistency.

Claude V. says:

My club speed is usually around 125-130 mph and I get 320-325 carry with a Taylormade M1.

Ycombine says:

My local range recently put in top tracer monitors. It's been really interesting seeing the ball speed not necessarily resulting in longer distances. I'll hit one 165-170 mph ball speed but low off the face, low launch angle and spinny, ends up 260-270. Then I'll swing easier with a 13-14 degree launch angle, high on the face at 155 mph and it goes 305. Optimizing ball flight > ball speed.

Shakester71 says:

Maybe you can post what is considered optimal numbers for a driver in terms of spin and launch angle. I look around the net and ask many people in the golf industry and it all seems to very.

Schopenhauer says:

I was swinging up to 110 at 14 hitting it 275 yards

Teddy Vath says:

Very funny. You declare my every day spin and launch numbers as rare 😂

Richard Jackson says:

Dial it back to 300😂

Top man says:

Alot of amateurs (myself included) feel like they are lashing the ball and its going no where. They should check their dynamic loft. Mine was way
up at impact on trackman i.e. 25/26 degrees which meant i was doing a kind of flipping action at impact which was also giving tons of spin. real bad for distance.
I solved by setting up with my hands further forward at address with the driver (almost kind of like a forward press) like alex noren , and this helped immensely as at impact the
club was then delofted in line with a 14/15 degree launch (dynamic loft).

Tim Dench says:

Excellent video. Really valuable info. Thanks.

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