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In todays lesson Chris Ryan takes a look at how the lead shoulder moves in detail. Chris covers its movement during the backswing, the transition and through impact to help you better understand how its movement relates to the golf swing.

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Stephen Henderson says:

Great video lesson. I took it to the range today and my ball striking improved dramatically. I did have a 1/3 of my shots start on line and then turned left 10 yds. Path correct, face closed. I'll check grip.

Overall … great stuff

Stephen Henderson says:

Chris. I found your site and this video. Like many, on the downswing I could not get out of my way due to incorrect left shoulder. This was a game changer for me. Thanks

Typical Duffer says:

Too many words to get your point a across. However it's a good point

Trebor says:

Thanks Chris. Great instruction. Can I ask, does your shoulder touch your chin in the backswing as your arms raise? Cheers

Maxy Billions says:

when the should is moving down and forward its your legs moving………?

Mark W says:

this has helped me get more control of my shots especially long irons and driver. thanks Chris

Mike Johnson says:

On my backswing, I pause for a second to line my lead shoulder up on plane with ball. For that second I can see my lead shoulder off plane and then line it up with ball and get a consistent strike every time.

Robert Knowles says:

Hi I looked up loading lead shoulder,came across your video ,it finally connected . No more shanks and more distance with down and round with lead shoulder. Thanks

Lenard Tan says:

Very detail video tips

hoopie10 says:

Great video ! Thank you

Peter Martin says:

Good video Chris. The first move down escaped me for years! Even with this my club comes up too vertical after impact in my follow through. Kind of a wet noodle finish with both my arms bent and over my left shoulder rather than powerful one I see with pros and low handicap players with both arms extended. Any suggestions?

Dennis Connelll says:

Thank you very much . Your shoulder and rhythm lesson just clarified 50 + years of trying to give me a simple way to perform a swing sequence ! 5 stars ! Thanks !

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