How to turn the shoulders on plane in the golf swing for consistent swings

Now we can get very bogged down with complicated movements and positions when we're trying to think about improving ball striking. But one very important and overlooked aspect is just how you sort of turn your body and what tilt that does. Now, I don't often talk about sort of a in a movements in this way, but this is something that I've noticed in lots of players and even myself. So I want to share that with you. And a very easy checkpoint that you can do to turn better, swing better and hit it a lot better. And it's very, very important that you apply this to your golf game.

It's not about where the hands are going so much. You can't control every time where the risks of moving, how the elbows are folding way w you know, you can't think about the minutiae. So let's simplify it, especially when we're on the golf course.

Now I know you've heard about this before, you go from there and then we're sort of bringing it back through. That's the sensation that I want. But the thought is left shoulder down, right shoulder down. That's the movement that I want left shoulder down, right shoulder down. But the key here is to not feel that the head is going down. So it's not like this. We don't want that. You've got to make sure that you're maintaining this sort of head height. But its left shoulder down, right shoulder down.

left shoulder is going down and we're then replacing it with left shoulder down, right shoulder down. And then from there you're going to be able to deliver with the right arm. You're going to be able to deliver, you know, a nice sort of compressed movement. Even if you're not swinging fast, you can do this kind of goal swing and I sorta three quarter sort of movement like that. Very simple thoughts to have out on the golf course, left shoulder, down, right shoulder down, making sure that everything's still turning but smooth at the same time. for ultimate golf lessons free. Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your address position and posture to have a better golf swing.


  1. Great tip .While doing attentional focus on shoulder turn (left shoulder down right shoulder up) from long time in initial months i could feel shoulder turn and technically it also went right according to the way you described .but now I'm unable to feel shoulder turn now rather I feel that shoulder turn is happening unconsciously that's why technically it is not coming right now. why this is happening?

  2. While researching this subject matter, I came across this 2+ year old excellent video you made. This is a move that I am trying to use in my swing. I like the "left shoulder down, right shoulder down" mind set. I am also going to archive this video for future reference. Thank You Alex!

  3. I can't thank you enough. I have been trying to get a full swing for years. Who would have thought your video was the prescription I needed in order to go from a half to full swing. I was doing exactly what you demonstrate in the beginning of your video, pulling my left shoulder up instead of down towards the ball at the start of the swing. Once I fixed that it was amazing how well I hit the ball. I'm an 11 handicap and play pretty well, looking forward to trying to take it lower. Thank you for taking the time to do this video!

  4. Alex: Great video! This has been my problem: With my height, 6'10", standing up in the backswing and moving too much in the downswing just trying to maintain contact! Thanks!

  5. I suppose I would amend 'Left Right Down' by saying instead, "Left Down, Left outwards [along target line] then Right Down" as the tendency is for the Left shoulder to rise otherwise. It's one of those drills that really requires someone to watch you do it. Unsupervised practice has a good chance of reinforcing failure.

  6. Great tip Alex. Works well with my irons and utilities. However I struggle a bit with the driver, pulling the ball left sometimes. Many thanks Alex, you are one of the best golf instructors on You Tube.

  7. Alex Very outstanding video. I have been working on left shoulder down and I have had some good results. I think that what's holding me back when I hit bad shots is because of my right shoulder coming down on a flat plane. I can tell when I do practice swings my right shoulder is not going down .I can't wait to see what happens. Thanks for the video.

  8. Greg Norman advises golfers to turn your shoulders in a natural way, don't force them. Ben Hogan's shoulders were very leveled in the back swing, I do too. You don't throw a pebble to skip in the water or throw a club under your body in the driving range, by dipping your left shoulder and right shoulder high, you do the opposite don't you??. The more you bend from your waiste at address, and the more you dip your left knee in the back swing….the more your left shoulder dips, right hip will be higher than left. At address, I make sure that my right hip is lower than left, and revolve around it in the back swing. It's way easier to come down from the inside, with shoulders a little more leveled, and right hip lower than left.

  9. For all the detractors here : Sam Snead said if you don’t have some tilt in your backswing , you will swing too flat to a low hand position at the top , making it almost impossible to make square contact with the ball repeatably ! So, point the left shoulder at the front of the ball on the backswing and point the right shoulder at the back of the ball on the downswing ! Simple Golf !

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