Robert Rock Golf Swing Irons (DTL & FO), Cazoo Classic 2022 (Hillside, Southport, UK) July 2022.

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Robert Rock golf swing with Irons (down-the-line, face-on/front views and slow-motion) at The Hillside Golf Club (Southport, England UK). Video during Pro-am day on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at The Cazoo Classic 2022.

1) Second shot at the Par 4 (400 yards) 12th hole – three-quarter Wedge
2) Second shot at the Par 4 (421 yards) 15th hole with a Mid-Iron
3) Tee shot at the Par 3 (203 yards) 4th hole with a Mid-Iron

High-speed video taken with Sony RX10 IV cameras set at 250 fps and a 1/3200 shutter speed.


slytown says:

Butter. Best swing, best hair.

MDL says:

He’s a machine! What a beautiful tempo

Jon Allsop says:

Awesome videos, where did the shots finish? What was the shot shape? Would be great to include in the description in future

golf weed says:

Fantastic, As usual ! Thanks !

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