How To Choose The Best Wedges

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How To Choose The Best Wedges with Mark Crossfield PGA Professional AskGolfGuru and Coach Lockey. Looking at some great Wedges from the likes of Callaway, Mizuno, Ping and Cleveland golf. See what sand Wedges or lob wedge suits out games and eyes best.

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WailDiagram 23 says:

Turf interaction custom grind on sole key also weight high or low toe personal choice feel golf grip very good on wedges too. Used too work in tour van a few years ago pros mostly like consistent groove spin which means distance control.?

Adrian Bateman says:

Anyone else HATE it when they wipe the wedge face on your pants??? Or is it just me

R philliy66 says:

This is when you no you don't care about training anymore, but getting all of the attention. He could of become a good golfer but with his attitude and cockiness.
Good luck on your dream

John Watters says:

This could have been called How to Make Ice Cream, and the title would have related to the content exactly the same.

thebaddog says:

You remind me of my biology teacher.

SH7DOWS says:

Just make sure you have the latest versions of the wedges, by buying the latest upgrades you will automatically improve your short game

Dr. Pepper says:

Why not an RTX 588 2.0

ibass2 says:

the glidy dee glide

ibass2 says:

what about ping..?

Gerry Pranata says:

you choose wedge but different loft.

Norboo says:

One of your worst videos. I have no clue which clubs you are hitting or talking about.

Rhys Fletcher says:

This might be a dumb question, but if I am hitting the ball before the ground then how exactly does bounce effect the wedge?

notformebeaky says:

I'd never recommend a 60 degree from this distance, making the ball travel farther, by going higher in the air can get you in all sorts of trouble and make you look stupid.
Something like 52 is more suitable.
Leave 60 for bunkers and flop shots.

Isak Lundström says:

man that is a wristy chip motion on that other guy

cgasucks says:

If you have good technique, you can play any wedge with any bounce and grind.

Ryan Hiemstra says:

so how do i choose a wedge?

keith williams says:

They are all made from the same mould

metamurph says:

swing weights are different, I think Callaway is lowest, Titleist and Cleveland are higher and Ping (which you didn't use) is highest from last time I tossed them on the gauge. which is part of the "get used to" and depends on what you want feel wise. Mizuno forged, I am wondering if T7 has a better balance of the nice feel but longer lasting grooves.

Geoff Coombs says:

i love a Cleveland wedge, they seem to make great wedges

Jack Doll says:

Ping Gilde anyone?

Richard Lewis says:

Mark is such a sore loser lol

Justin Conway says:

I know Nike isn't making equipment any longer, but the Engage Wedge is awesome!

10541 says:

What about testing Miura wedges? Don't you think they are worth to try them?

Aussie Taffia says:

Wilson staff make some good wedges.. good price point to

Adrian Canny says:

there is no correct wedge just preference- could game any of them- i have rtx 52* and callaway pm grind 58* both in black both great wedges love them

Made2Golf TV says:

Check out our new golf channel , course vlogs and other content from junior golfers

Eelco Snijders says:

Cobra trusty rusty all day long….

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