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Here's a simple drill that'll allow you to feel a wide swing arc and gain more distance. You can literally do this around house, at the range, or even when you play.

A big part of getting a wide swing arc is getting used to the feeling of it. If you've been hitting with your arms forever and not getting more distance then this is going to feel new and different. This means you need to repeat it until you get used to it to the point you can do it in your swing.

A wide swing arc will eliminate a chicken wing as you swing. You fix your chicken wing and you will hit the ball so much longer and straighter than you ever have. So give this drill a try so you get the feel of a wide swing arc. Once you do, you will get more distance with driver and hit your irons better than ever.

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Steven Johnson says:

Seriously you won.t need search for your golf swing anywhere else.this man is the golfing reaching 70 years blown away with paul wilsons natural take on the golf swing.enjoy your golf.i certainly do now,thanks paul I will be forever grateful.

Phil Ward says:

Hi Paul. I do think that you are the best trainer I have seen on the web. So logical and simple. Thank you.

Dog lover JB says:

Hey Paul…I would love to see you hit your driver or iron while you are counting 1-2-3-4 in your F.S. and see if you can do it without any tonal change during impact…. it's what I am working on for a tension-free forward swing. It's a great exercise.

Thomas Robertson says:

I wish I lived close to where Paul does, I would love to get some lessons from him, iam 65yrs old and have lost alot.

Javier Pulido says:

Explica cosas muy sencillas que funcionan y esto es muy raro en golf

umangatang says:

This new sensation better be worth no more chicken wings.

Will report back later this week

mrshaboom1 says:

great tip paul, I will be practicing that from now own

Zhigeng Fan says:

I got so much from your video! Thank you Paul!

Josh Johnson says:

Did you come up with all these drills on your own or did someone teach you ? Because I’ve never seen faster results from any other YouTube channel besides yours

Robert Haar says:

Paul, is it a good swing feel to have the left shoulder go up and back as quickly as possible into the follow through with the left arm along for the ride?

John Isaacs says:

Using your relaxed hinge technique I drove a 291 par 4 yesterday to within 5 yards of the front of the green. I also made a couple of other great drives but that one was the best. What they all had in common was the effortless feel and the connection with the ball as my wrists were releasing. There was no mistaking the feel of the ball impacting at the full length of that long lever. I knew they were great shots before looking up. Since I've been incorporating your techniques for only a couple of weeks, I made a few not-so-good drives as well, but the progress is unmistakable. My iron contact is much better too, but a nagging tendency for them to push or push/fade still has to be overcome. I'm pretty sure that's timing or grip. More range time should have that ironed out (no pun intended) soon.

Thanks again, Paul. What you're teaching is fantastic stuff.

Bradley Stuart says:

Great video! Thank you!

Alvin Mariteragi says:

Yes, I couldn’t even feel the ball as it compressed on the face. The bigger arc allows for smoother swing with effortless distance. Thank you

Jason Ball says:

Thanks for the awesome videos, Paul!

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