Max Swing Speed for Greater Distance (Part 6)

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In my sixth video of the 7-part series, I discuss where to add speed in the golf swing for maximum distance. With the use of an alignment rod, you'll be able to hear where the speed kicks in. It is imperative not to rush the backswing and the start of the downswing. Instead, increase the speed until it reaches your maximum speed fractionally after the ball is struck. You will benefit from this methodology with practice, and I'm certain you will hit longer, straighter golf shots.

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Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Julian great series for certain. Body mass and arms speed are paramount to a great downswing

Personally I get my power with the pulling of my lead arm specifically by my lead forearm to initiate and and finish my golf swing. I believe if I just allow my lead forearm to be the controlling agent of my downswing I will escape the many troubles that resulted from previously trying to push my club down with the right hand and shoulder. And today with all the basics you just showed my faith in my lead forearm initiating my downswing helped me believe in my golf swing from now on. . Cheers ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️👍❤️😃🥂

adfasd says:

I have seen a ball hit with a backswing. Spend enough time at the driving range you will see it all.

Sunshine1 Days says:

Thanks! I love the whole series! I use a dust wand to practice…..very well done! 🙂

Irene Tennant says:

Thanks for all this Julian. Just been to the range and discovered that I have been standing too far away from the ball. What a difference it made.

Jade Smith says:

Utterly nailed it kids ❤️

Jade Smith says:

Laurie Montague 🙏🦘🙌

Alan Goudie says:

Thank you Julian for another very helpful video.
I like my Speed Whoosh where the ball slides down the flexible shaft.
You can see the ball & hear a whoosh when you swing correctly.
Your important tip , MAX SPEED JUST AFTER THE GOLF BALL is a good reference point.

Diego Pérez says:

A roll of toilet paper in the shaft is a great tool for speed in the right place.

Rod Lin says:

Hi Julian.
Just one point I thought you would of covered. The wrist. Surely these also play a major part in club head speed. ?? I’m trying to get my wrist more relaxed and free at the point of contact to generate more club head speed. Should I be doing this ?? Thanks for another great video

Norfolk Boy says:

Many thanks for this series of coaching Julian. I shall keep revisiting them to keep me on track! Regards 🙏⛳️

Ed Lloyd says:

Brilliant once again Julian, wonderful clip, helps keeping it simple.

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