Unlock an Effortless Swing With This Simple Tip

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Patrick Kenny says:

Can you do this same drill/thought process with driver?

0331 says:

Clay easily my favorite to watch. I got a draw, problem is I often overdraw (almost a hook) and not sure where to aim. Seems if I aim more right I draw even more. Seems even more magnified off a tee on par 3s

WOB laa NOOB says:

Brilliant explaining, a lot of your videos have helped me gain at least 80 yards in my driving. Iron striking is a lot more consistent aswell. Thank you for your videos.. keep them coming 👍👍👍🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️

Dave Henry says:

Awesome vid as always Clay thanks buddy

Dickon Kofahl says:

The remarkable knight fortuitously curve because step-sister basically blush absent a irate riddle. scintillating, fuzzy size

Marque Winters says:

Love these videos

Agent 757 says:

Yet u don't show how to twist the wrist properly.. I wanna show u how.. I wanna show u how.. then stop.. click the link in the description.. thanks for the click bait

mikal says:

There is no conscious "release" in DS. Impossible for the conscious mind to even know position of the hands during the 1/4 second DS. At top of swing, intent to keep the right palm facing the sky, will allow the torso turning to square the clubface.
Cannot do it by conscious release of hands "turning over" with any consistency.
Its the reason Ben Hogan had to find his "secret" in order to stop PULLS and PULL HOOKS.
He never let his right hand cross over his left, even though his go to shot was the draw.

Deuce Rogers says:

Hey Clay, I'm hitting my 9 iron 160-165 pretty consistent but my swing looks pretty violent and ugly, but when i try to swing smoother and slow it down i lose 40 yards….any suggestions?

Pieter Galle says:

Geweldig alleen die tekst banner die zit gruwelijk in de weg. Please do something with that horrible text banne

Daniel Svensson says:

Your tips(anothter tip) made me do two pars in a row(only tap-ins, need putting-training) and normally it would be two boogeys. I do miss videos from bad lies, because when you are adressing the balls in your videos its fluffy from the ruff, plain on the fairway and so on…but in the smaller courses in the world, at least on mine that is NOT the case. It is a lot tougher!

Drew Spinoso says:

The font in your logo needs some life injected into it.

Lbross says:

That is a great lesson, thank you. The hardest thing is preventing the "sway" when I shift my weight (and it pushes right) but when my head stays behind the ball this is great!!

Juan Cook says:

I pull the ball sometimes should I adjust my stance angle?

Juan Cook says:

My favorite virtual coach😎

Brian Kim says:

My swing coach emphasizes the same thing. I have not lost any distance and now that my drives go straight I have gained some more.

It takes a while to fight the urge to smash the ball and swing this way. Then one day you realize swinging at 50 percent power this way gives you the same distance as your old power swing. And once you start feeling comfortable and swing at 80 percent you have increased your distance.

Folks this tip is the real deal.

Adam McClendon says:

@5:12 …oh man… you incorporating that dickhead OverHandGolf's ….ideas…. I'm floored

Robert says:

Great video 👍

Chris huang says:

that is ture!!

Bobby Miller says:

Dropping the club into slot and keeping that bend left wrist feeling has improved my game in just hours of play. Thankyou for the awsome videos!

desano1975 says:

What’s the difference between this and a flip? Point of impact?

The Real and Moore says:

What club are you using

P I says:

Close the shoulders but keep feet parallel to target line?

seizethecarp says:

Great tips here!

Opa Knows says:

“Oh, but that’s a flip.”
Thanks, Lag Doctor. Great communication skills, excellent teaching.

Colby Keel says:

Are you still using snell golf balls if so how do you like them

The Carpenter says:

Theres no other channel that explains things so easy and professionally, awesome coaching thank you 👍🏻

Martin Sigrist says:

Nice. I like the key check point box you have added to the left of the screen, apart from acting as a reminder while watching the video its a useful while practicing.

Timothy Boyer says:

What club were you using?

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