HOW TO GO FROM YIPS TO YIPEE! – Wisdom in Golf – Shawn Clement

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Got the yips? Find out how a change in focus and task can cure them for you!

18 thoughts on “HOW TO GO FROM YIPS TO YIPEE! – Wisdom in Golf – Shawn Clement

  1. The key point here is at the very end: if you focus to bring the club face on your intermediate target and not to hit the ball, you move through the ball, keep the swing’s momentum and kill your yips.

  2. Shawn, I think you have saved my golfing life with this. I've been a single-figure golfer for nearly 40 years but have been chip-yipping all that time so have always underperformed. Then I heard your contribution on the On The Mark podcast at the weekend, and was redirected to this video and your others. I then went straight to the practice ground, and hit pitch shots for nearly two hours. The results were amazing! Beautifully flighted and controlled shots, quite literally only one very slightly chunky one. I hit three bags of 100 balls and you could have got a beach towel over the distance groupings. Thanks so much – I will also be applying this to my full swing. Others watching and reading this, please listen carefully to this and apply it – it really, really works, really, really quickly. I love the game but had always had a sense of trepidation before playing as I looked forward to taking four to get down every time I missed a green. Now I cannot wait to practise this some more and get out onto the course! Thanks again Shawn.

  3. Excellent points. This is another way of advising to hit through, and not at, the ball. But it's more helpful because you bring in the anatomical aspects, and the dandelion thing to get you thinking in the right way. Again–excellent work.

  4. Shawn, this is a belated thank you and a heads up to anyone else who has searched and searched for a solution. A couple of years ago I was – after playing golf for 40 some years – ready to throw in the towel. Chip yips seemed to be the closeted cousin of the putting yips; no one wanted to talk about them, and pros I sought ought insisted with the right technique, they wouldn't happen. (Hmmm, yes, Tiger Woods, Hal Sutton etc etc all lack technique!) I came across your older videos, focusing on the "y" and practicing on uphill lies (and for me, going 'left hand low'), and slowly the unconscious neuropathways that sought to 'manipulate' the shot were replaced with confidence and a natural awareness of the weight of the club. I won't pretend that in competition, off a tight lie, its all sunshine and lollipops, but my concern has become sufficiently clean contact, and not whether I will be yipping it over the green or laying the sod over it. What used to be my least favorite element in the game has become my favorite thing to practice. (PS – whenever I come across someone clasped in the grip of the yips, I send 'em to your videos.)
    All the best,

  5. In spite of my club being 10 degrees open at address, my shots are gouchy and the club does not go through the ball. We have fairly hard fairways with short grass. G force wedge shall be arriving in a week.

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