Golf Psychology Video: The Full Swing Yips with the Driver of Tension

In this golf psychology video, Dr. Cohn helps golfers improve their mental golf game. Does your golf swing go array during the round? Do you have a hitch in your driver swing? The yips are over control of your golf swing due to fear. Learn how to overcome the yips and swing freely. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a master mental game coach who works with junior to professional athletes at Peak Performance Sports, LLC.​​ #golfpsychology​​​ #golfyips

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One thought on “Golf Psychology Video: The Full Swing Yips with the Driver of Tension

  1. I have driver yips and once it creeps in around mid-round.. it messes my confidence..

    Technically, I’ve always struggled with the upswing and I know my tendency is to hit down and lean too far towards the target.. causing high pop ups.

    But I can’t seem to pull out of it.

    Your scenario almost fits .. any help for me?? Please!!!

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