Yips – How to Get Rid of the Yips in your Golf Game

How to Fix your Yipping Problem and Get Rid of your Yips

Nobody wants the word yip associated with their golf game. Some recovering yippers don’t even want the word uttered within earshot, that’s how bad yipping is.

Yet despite all of the troubles associated with it, no clear definition exists for the yips. While it can affect every shot in your golf game yipping is mostly associated with the short game. And it usually involves an involuntary motion that happens over the course of a live swing at the ball, i.e., not during a practice swing beforehand.

For example, in a classic putting yip, you would see nice, perfect practice swings only then to be followed by the real swing where the wrists would break and send the ball flying off target.

During the chipping game, the same would happen. A nice, fluid practice swing only to be followed by a breakdown during the live swing that sees the ball flying in any direction but the right one.

How to Fix the Yips:

– Work on the physical aspect of the shot at hand. Make sure the technique is correct and that you have confidence in your abilities. If you are unsure about how to execute a specific shot, don’t step up to the ball yet. Only do so when you have confidence in the fundamental technique required.

– Work on the mental aspect of the shot at hand by practicing under pressure. For example, you can set up some putting drills where you can try to mimic the pressure you would face for make-or-break putts. Since yips normally occur during stressful situations, try to practice these situations if possible and try to overcome the physical collapse of your technique because of the added pressure.

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5 thoughts on “Yips – How to Get Rid of the Yips in your Golf Game

  1. Thanks. I will practice your suggestion. My short game, and chipping are my little problem. I guess I need to fine your videos about chipping…. well done coach.

  2. Great lesson I’ve suffered with the yips on the tee with the driver. I can be playing fine and then it hits I lose confidence, rhythm, and find the club difficult to take back and yet my practice swings are fine. Only started three years ago from nowhere, played for thirty years.
    I now keep a shorter more compact swing try to breathe slower and get the tension out of my arms. I also try to avoid delaying my shot two practice swings and go. A new thing I’m trying is drag and go, keeping the club head low and slow and swinging with a good shoulder turn as I think when the yips strike my swing becomes too much hands and arms. I’m dealing with it but still need to eliminate it totally.

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