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  1. The line you see on his club is the indicator of where ur left thimb should be(right handed). His club even has other lines to help u have a weak grip(thumb lined on the left line) or strong grip( thumb lined to the right line). U can clearly see his left thumb is eveb further right than the right line indicating an extreme strong grip. Not wrong, but i wanted ppl to know every club has an alignment where ur lead hand/grip is meant to be.

  2. What you’re saying is solid advice, but it would carry a lot more weight if you talk to people like an adult instead of like a two year old

  3. I was told by the pga pro Martin Chuck to lay your pinky on your trail hand over your pointer finger on your lead hand. So what the hell is the right way??? Smh.

  4. Hogan's grip. It won many championships. Not only critical but the best advice on the only connection you have with the club. The transmission. try racing with a bad transmission.

  5. Your left hands crease should be pointing towards your right shoulder and your right hands crease should be pointing at your chin

  6. ⁠I disagree entirely . I've played this game for 40 years and if you have a strong grip you open yourself to too many variables as the club releases . Too much movement , when I weakened my grip and got used to the uncomfortable weakness initially , I started to massively improve as my hands kept constant with less movement at impact . I STRONGLY don't recommend this advise given in this video . Look at the tour players and see how many of them flatten the lead wrist upwards ( bowing ) at the top of the swing . See DJ and Rahm as the extremes . Careful the strong grip is not going to help you .

  7. In my first golf lesson they specifically corrected my grip to the 'weak' grip. WTF. Am going to practice this adjustment. Thanks!

  8. Hi all. My kid is just 3 years. When should i start his training? How many years,required to reach competitive stage, say junior championship?

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