What makes aa golf club better than another, Mark Crossfield discusses in this golf test. Are the best golf clubs really any better than the clubs of yesteryear or are we just going around in circles. With the help of the PING G425 irons compared up against the PING EYE2 irons over 20 years older. we look at what really is better and what has really changed in modern golf irons. Have new irons got easier to hit or are golfers really buying a better golf game or are we simply changing lofts and going around and around. Let me know in the comments below what this test means to you as a golfers and what do you think are the best irons in golf?

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  1. How can you know so much about golf and not campare lofts? Who cares what the number on the golf iron is. If the old iron 8 iron is the same loft as a new iron 9 iron then that is what you should compare and then there is no difference.

  2. Look at the EYE 2, 7 iron with less distance only because of the loft difference. Play the EYE 2 6 iron and you get the same distance as the G25 7 iron. No big deal.

  3. I just let go of my taylormade burner 2.0 for a set of copper ping eye 2 with clubs 2 – W. I have them fully restored. I think the sound and how they play is fantastic. I find the 5 iron very consistent. I'm going to continue playing them.

  4. Love my Eye 2's, but… isn't the advantage of the modern iron that swinging a shorter length shaft for the same distance will lead to more consistent results? At 160 yards, the Eye 2 7 iron will be less consistent than the G425 8 iron due to overall length of the club…IMO.

  5. Awesome Video ! “What Does Better Mean To Me”
    Well,” Modern Tech This , Modern Tech That, I grew up around Ping and Callaway Only and I’m old enough to have seen the evolution Ping irons where I had some recent Ping Eye 2’s , my buddy could afford the NEW Ping Zings at the time, which I always figured were better due the, quote “Modern Technology” but I stuck with my Eye2’s over the next 20 years basically. Truth be told , more perimeter weighting allows for straighter shots off the face of the club, and this is what Karsten Solheim was going after that changed the design of Irons ever since, and the only downside to the the perimeter weighting made if slightly harder to shape shots, but most player would benefit from the later. Another huge shout out to Ping for starting a Color Coding System for Lie Angle on they’re irons which it allowed for a custom fit which will revolutionize any players game if fitted properly.
    Thanks for listening …

  6. modern irons 8 has same loft of old 7, for this old 7 work an moder iron 8
    but you must update them to close angle of old head about 3/4 degrees … nothing else ??⛳?‍♂

  7. Still have the ping eye 2 irons 1989 2- SW .just a question on your test on spin were the club's eye 2 tested with the original groove cut which were outlawed or the recut grooves like mine ?

  8. Maltby Playability Factor rated Ping Eye 2s highly. I had Mizuno T-Zoid Pro that also rated highly.
    Many clubs since have been a regression in playability.
    Yet to hear a youtuber mention MPF?

  9. Late to the party… But it would be nice to see a comparison of the Ping Eye2 7 iron vs the G425 8 iron as it relates to standard deviation in carry distances since the lofts are the same. Great Review! I play with a set of Isi Nickel irons and they feel great, but I still covet a new set with a little modern tech

  10. Berhard Langer just won the Senior US Open, his 12th senior major, and set the all time senior wins mark at age 65. He used a driver and irons from 6+ years ago. Hybrids from 15+ years ago. It's the indian, not the arrow. I still game my 845s even after getting fitted for Ping G25s several years ago.

  11. If you can hit the ball down the middle & almst always keep it in the fairway & almst always hit the green in regulation nuf said. Then it comes down to you puttin. In the great skeem of things since most golfers are not even par players eye2s are great. If you can draw, fade, the ball hi & low & hit sand shots be happy with your game.

  12. 30 minutes of hitting balls and you don’t test the thing that the new irons are marketed towards – forgiveness for high handicappers.

    Mishit both of these irons directionally as well as contact & then compare. Pros can walk out with Junior clubs and tear up a course. No one needed to see 1,000 near perfect shots side by side. If it’s properly made, a club is a club is a club.

  13. Here's a better way to show off the clubs.. just plug away with whichever club hits 150, 163, 178. You may need a few more clubs to set it up. Would rather reshaft to modern for the png 2eyes.. great players iron it sounds like.. Nice video!

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