What Irons Do the Pros Use? Top 100 PGA Tour Player Complete Guide


I’m planning to change my irons this year after a number of years but before heading straight to a clubfitter to test out all the latest models I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the iron set ups of the best golfers on the PGA Tour to see what they are currently using.

So in this video we take a detailed look at the irons the top 100 players on the PGA Tour are playing with.

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Most popular brands / models
2:44 Most common set ups
3:18 Blades vs. Cavity backs
5:04 Iron shafts used
5:55 Trends

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10 thoughts on “What Irons Do the Pros Use? Top 100 PGA Tour Player Complete Guide

  1. I used muscle backs until a year ago when I purchased a blended set of Srixon ZX7 8-PW and ZX5 5-7 and I'm using hybrids to replace 3 and 4 irons. After 1 year, my greens in regulation have improved by 10%

  2. Very nice video. I have been playing this game for over 40 years and I have used my experience to build a mixed set of irons just like you pointed out. Blades in PW & 9-iron, Cavity back 8 to 6 iron, Hollow body 5 to 3 iron. It makes sense to use the different designs to your advantage.

  3. I just took my old maxfli cavity backs and installed cobra r flex graphite shafts that cost me 10 bucks a peice. Shot the best round ever first time out. They felt crisp instead of the old thud dynamic golds that were in them. So accurate it was amazing. I'm 71 and hit from the white tees so I can get on all par fours in two and fives in three so that's good enough for my game. My putting is where I lose most of my strokes. I can 2 putt a four footer repeatedly.

  4. Two independent but coincidental factors have come together that are dramatically changing players' bags – 1) Launch Monitors and 2) Strokes Gained – and the Statistics generated. As young players come on tour, those providing the equipment have a vested interest in their performance – this means bladed 3&4 irons at minimum are being replaced with better launching heads, and now at the short end, bladed PWs are even being replaced with cavity backed heads because closer proximity to the hole dramatically benefits putting statistics. There are even now players changing out 5 irons (which Pros will hit 200-230) because again, Strokes Gained has highlighted this critical area of importance for making cuts and finishing higher up the leaderboard. The hardest holes relative to Par are Par3s – and Pros will face at least 2 that are 205-230 each course, nevermind 500-yard Par 4s – and they need to be playing high, soft landing fades into these flags on fast greens or the ball will not hold – hell, DJ carries a 24-degree 9-wood so he can have a 240-carry soft landing club for exactly this reason. Great video.

  5. Great video. I'm amazed how few people have watched this given how much useful information is in it. It certainly dispels the myth that the top pros use predominantly blade irons and is making me question the direction I was going in choosing my next irons. I would be interested to know where hollow backs fit into this analysis. I presume you've counted them under cavity backs, but would appreciate clarification.

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