How to Hit Driver for Beginners (Beginner Golf Tips)

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If you are new to golf or just need to learn some basic fundamentals about how to hit your golf driver, these beginner golf tips will have you hitting the ball farther and straighter!

These 3 beginner golfer tips for how to hit driver focus on proper driver ball position, the proper golf driver setup to improve angle of attack, and some simple golf driver drills to help amateur golfers master some simple golf swing basics, learn how to hit your driver with more confidence and enjoy the game more!

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KD P says:

Hi, if I Tee the ball as suggested in this video it is flying straight up but if it is lower then I hit it straight and long but it is a low flying shot ( like a stinger ) I want it to get a parabolic trajectory ! Pl advise if possible .

the_iv1 says:

When i'm tee'ing the ball half over the driver i'm hitting it fat and shooting it 1 million miles in the air

Billy Phelan says:

Hi Todd. I LOVE ALL YOUR GOLF TIPS. I AM 70 I Can not get up onto my toe at the end of my swing I hit the ball about 180m but the ball doesn't run my buddy's ball tunes a lot further. keep up the great work and Thanks a million for all your help Billy

Charlie D says:

I have my drive face at a 45degree angle when I start my swing to hit straight is it more likely my wrists or hips turning mr out so much?

Jacob Castle says:

Just got into golf and went to the range first time yesterday. How far back should I be standing from the ball? Do you have any videos on how to hold the driver correctly?

Shane Jones says:

If your driver has less loft than your putter there is something wrong, unless you’re Bryson (5.5° driver, 7° putter)

Steve Haas says:

Hi Todd, June 2021 – suggestion where to go for driver fitting – thanks

Peter Gregson says:

First day after a while got 160yd

Cheo Marshall says:

When I hit the ball when it’s in the air it always goes far to the right

Sajjad Khan says:

1 tip from me don't use that driver which is in his hand

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