Maintaining more lag in the downswing can in many cases help add speed, although how this is done is often incorrect and can lead to more issues.

Chris discusses an often overlooked part to lag, the key component to ensure you play better golf

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  1. Increasing and keeping lag…exactly what I'm working on. it makes a lot of sense what your explaning. Will try to see if I was rolling it without knowing it. Thanks good check point Chris! ?

  2. This is absolutely incredible. Everyone is talking about holding the wrist angle, and how the wrist angle should decrease from the top of the backswing through the first step of the downswing.. no one is talking about left arm rotation.
    I'm a mid hcp player (14), so I'm really in no position to comment this but I'd like to add something to what you are saying. I noticed that if you hold that left arm rotation it is impossible to unload your wrists because the left wrist can't go further than straight. The only way to bend it is to actually rotate the left arm. So if you keep that left arm from rotating too early you are actually keeping yourself from losing wrist angle as well!
    Thanks man. This was very helpful!

  3. For those who think "I can't do what Dustin Johnson does", actually, it is this. Same as all pros. Camera face on, at P6, (DS when hands are in front of R thigh), back of L hand faces the camera, because forearm rotation hasn't yet happened, 90 degrees later, at impact, back of L hand faces target. Delivery path can do nothing but in – to – out to ball – then back in after ball gone. Hands low to P6 then lower body rotation.

  4. For easy consistency I like to think target is North. We can see it in pros, but really clicks when we're reminded, that back of L hand needs to face East, when hands are in front of R thigh (R hander) in DS P6 If you cast early, stopping in this position is just hard for your brain to believe that you can square the face to ball in time. But go look at stop motion of EVERY pro. If you get hands in front of R thigh like this, seems the hands and arms are done? What you do then is mostly lower body rotation? Never thought about it as forearm rotation, brilliant tip.

  5. Your information is very useful! I think to also mention to beginners, the whole reason lag naturally will happen is when you unwind the hips and torso first leaving the arms slightly behind like Ben hogan describes it creates that lag. Because beginners can do this action you describe but without understanding to unwind the body (hips and torso) in the correct manner towards the target it’s not as greatly achieved.

  6. I have tried this but I find if I hold the forearm rotation, it’s slice city. So then I start trying to unwind that rotation just before impact but it’s not consistent so I oscillate between hooks and slices.

  7. ….sigh.

    It's not about "holding" an angle at all. It's about having soft enough grip, that becomes hinged at the top of the swing, and stays hinged as the hands lead the downswing, and the weight of the club/clubhead trails behind because of it's inertia to lag behind…think trebuchet sling….. It naturally creates the angles and lag…you don't have to force it, you are really not controlling it at all with the hands. The main trick is not using hand/wrist strength to cast the club into the ball (loose lag angle)

  8. I have a question in association with a slight tweak I made to my grip recently. Where does the underside of the grip lay in the trail hand? I recently wrapped my fingers a little more under the club on the pad between the knuckles and the first bend in the fingers. It used to sit on the first bend, and I feel I have more control, power, and consistency than ever before. My left hand stayed in the same neutral position, and I don’t feel like the right thumb has even changed at all. The old grip now feels like there is a gap or looseness in the right hand that prevents having a true sense of where the club head is at. This is super long winded, but I am curious to know your thoughts. Thanks for all you do!

  9. The best way to maintain lag is to try to ‘cast’ the club head at the top of the swing immediately. It won’t look like a cast because your hips will turn to allow you to hit the ball. But on the video it will look like you are keeping the lag. It’s counterintuitive but it’s the only effective way. Try it.

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