In this tip, I tell you real secret to creating lag in the golf swing. No one is talking about this yet if you don't have it, you'll never get lag now matter how much you work on it. This isn't a lag drill. You need this before you even do lag drills so make sure you watch this tip.

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Lag is vital in creating power because from the top you need time to develop speed. If the club is not in this hinged position you do not have time to create speed. No downswing lag and you will hit the ball with your arms. If so, you are basing your swing on physical strength and we all know what happens as you age. You'll get weaker and hit the ball nowhere.

So if you want to know how to create lag, it all starts with this tip. Watch it and understand it. Then you need to do it over and over for about 2 weeks. You do this and you will finally even be in a position to create lag in your swing.

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  1. Now I can work with you live with my new app called CoachLink. If I can see you, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I can assess your swing, check your grip or swing positions, watch you at the range or even when you play. Find out more here: Thank you for your support!

  2. I watched 5 of your videos on grip, lag, swing speed and others this week. I followed your advice on how to warm up and practice. (I get it that they are different). I practiced three days before playing a round this morning. I hit 14 fairways and 9 greens in regulation. My distance improved 20-25 on my drives. I still have to work on my mid iron and wedges but I am very happy with my results. (dropped 10 stokes from last weeks rounds) Thank you for posting these videos and helping me. As you say "please pass my sites to other golfer so they can improve". Maybe in a month after I take some money from them. ?

  3. Thanks, Paul – I have been practicing the body swing every day for a week, but now realize from your tip that I need to start over by getting my max wrist hinge at top of back swing – I need to practice this one motion for 2 weeks, which I will start today. I am 66 years old and having a blast learning how to play golf from your tips and what are to me, lessons! I'm determined to get there step-by-step following your guidance on YouTube and your great package I purchased. Thanks – Dan

  4. Is it possible that, by correcting my grip (thanks to your grip videos), the wrist started hinging more naturally? This change was simpler to make than I thought it would be so I’m skeptical

  5. so Nicklaus was right you do release from the top, but you have to also have your wrist fully hinged at the top in order to create the lag before you start coming down

  6. What do you think about increasing lag as you start down, not at the top? There is a lot of advice from teachers advocating for intentionally not creating a big hinge at the top, rather increasing it as you start down because once you make max wrist hinge, you physically have to release it, you can't hold it, so if you do it at top, you won't have the max useful lag at bottom when you need it to create power. Thoughts?

  7. How can we leverage the algorithm to get this video to be the top recommended to every YouTube golfer??
    Seriously Paul, your videos are truly so helpful.

  8. As someone who has benefitted greatly from Paul's instruction, the drills can't be overemphasized. Learning to relax and take the tension out of your arms and wrists seems easy, but it's not. The point of the drills is not only to learn the correct technique, but to unlearn ingrained bad technique. That was the most difficult for me, especially when I got in front of a golf ball; the old bad habits slowly returned. However, when the balls strikes started getting worse, because of the drills I knew immediately what I was doing wrong and did some proper practice swings before stepping up to to ball again. Now an easy relaxed swing is almost second nature and I'm hitting GIR more than ever before. I had to dust off the ball mark tool. ; )

    Drill, drill, drill. Watching a video then expecting results is not enough. As good as Paul's instruction is, you have to put in the work.

  9. I'm getting better but slow motion video analysis indicates I'm releasing my hands too early. I'm going to try this next. Thanks. Broke my golden bear 5 iron today though ?

  10. First video I've watched of yours I have to really disagree with… Its quite clear watching slo mo pro swing videos that lag angle decreases as the downswing starts – purely due to the weight of the club and force being pulled against it in the downswing. Its not forced at that point in any way. I've even video'd myself and experienced the same thing. I do hinge my wrists to a point but a proper downswing will cause more lag simply due to physics…

  11. After the video on eliminating the chicken wing and learning to fire the hips, my drives starting flying way over the 200 yard marker dead straight, or faded or drawn for the first time in my life. I never knew about this angle at the top of the swing. How far are my drives going to go tomorrow when I learn how to do this tip? Unreal knowledge sharing. Thanks coach Paul!

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