How to Increase Golf Swing Speed | Load and Explode

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If you need a little extra edge in your release, this drill is for you! We'll talk about how to get the butt end of the club to come up through the swing setting up for a powerful release. Also, in doing this we get the club to glide across the ground creating shallow divots and good contact positions.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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7 thoughts on “How to Increase Golf Swing Speed | Load and Explode

  1. I've found this very useful for the driver using the large leg muscles to create vertical gyro force, very evident in the likes of Sadlowski and R Mac, but with the iron and fairway wood I found if your timing isn't precisely accurate theres a high chance of topping the ball. I found it better to get the weight over the front foot and pull downwards and whip the shot through impact like Fred Couples.

  2. Clay, your drills are very much in line with what Rory, Jason, Tiger and others do to a great degree, and other tour players to a lesser degree–like Jordan, as you describe in your recent video. That said, I noticed that in your slo-mo swing it doesn't look like you really drop very much at all, in contrast to the drill, maybe your beltline is down an inch or less. Does that mean in your own swing it is more a feeling than a reality? Is it a case of asking for a mile to get an inch, to paraphrase….?

  3. Hi Clay. On your slow-mo swing your lag release has already started when your hands are at right femur. Does this mean that keeping the butt of the club horizontal at this point is a drill 'feeling' and not something to over-strive to actually do?

  4. Clay …been working at the range on this move. I find that I must straighten the left leg only thru impact …and attempt to keep the right leg bent slightly …this forces the left hip around and back; and keeps my "Lateral Side Bend Right" intact thru impact. If I straighten both legs thru impact I simply stand up (early extension) and stop the hips rotating…

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