How to Make a Big Backswing

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If you want more pars and more distance, let's make sure that you are REALLY making a backswing. Many players struggle with fully turning their back to the target. A popular reason with my students, is that they lose their sense of space…it get's weird back there. So, instead, they end up not turning. Here's the fix and the whys so you can get back there without getting weird.



vimal Mittal says:

By doing that, i end up taking club from inside so shoulder is turned or swaying in backswing. How to avoid this?

vimal Mittal says:

How about right elbow? Does it separate from right hip or tucked in?

My OpenMind says:

Right pocket back for proper upper torso turn. This is key to a proper backswing.


Hi Cristina, a huge Thank You from Paris!!
Your videos are so clear and helpfull..
Bye, Christine

John Demerse says:

One of the best tips yet!

Leonard Dzubow says:

Great video for those of use who use arms without turn due to limited flexibility. Any tips for seniors to help with the turn?

MrTkeddo says:

So true I do tend to be so into getting the club into position that the chest stays behind

Vinsk says:

Well explained. You're very easy to follow. I wish you had a school or did site lessons. Videos are great but nothing beats hands on training and instant feedback. Thanks for your videos though. They're excellent.

Stephen Shepherd says:

Thank you, last week I struck the ball better than ever and it was simple as not a full body (chest) turn. Amazing how everything is about the fundamentals.

Glenda LRT says:

I hadn't played for two years because of back problems. Three weeks ago I began playing again but my drives have been pretty bad. This was the exact video I needed! Thank you so much!!!!

Wayne Dowding says:

More like a feeling of your lead shoulder over your back foot? You look very fit by the way.

Bobby Jo Cowpoke says:

Thanks for the info?

John Hall says:

Thank you that was really helpful.

GT Plumb says:

Thanks for keeping it simple, I'm just burned out on all the gimmicks.

vimal Mittal says:

U r the best

Green Cube says:

Fantastic videos, thank you for these.

The PNW Rider says:

That’s part of what I do. I over cooked the staying over the ball idea.

Owen McNeill says:

I focus on moving the right hip straight back. Avoids the sway & early extension.

phillip brown says:

Great advice again

James Bond says:

Just got back from the range before the rain. Yes indeed ..this is a great tip. I am a pretty big guy …6'1' 250 lbs. so I can generate power with my arms. But with your tip …I realize that is not the engine of the golf swing for full shots. Without a full shoulder turn there is no power …no centrifugal force. A full shoulder turn includes a full chest turn. You have succinctly and eloquently explained this vital detail which has been missing in my swing and which I only occasionally have stumbled upon with feel ..but then fall out of it because I never understood what I was doing when it "felt" right. Coming over the top and all the other mistakes you have described in this video was driving me bonkers…you did a good imitation of my swing!! It was driving me thanks again!!! Nick from Canada

Bill Bel says:

Nice way of showing how it should be done. Easy for the average golfer to understand…

Robbie S says:

excellent uncomplicated instruction Christina. thanks. Robbie from Winchester England

James Bond says:

WOw…you just described my issue of swinging the golf club for the last 30 years!!! Amazing. Keeping the arms tight to the chest and using the chest to move the club when starting the back swing…best tip ever!!!!. I am just heading out the door to go the driving range and will be working on this. I know my body and chest move exactly as you show when you don't turn enough. Coming over the top..etc. I could never figure it out. Thank you soooo soo much!!!!! Nick from Canada!!!

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