How To Make A Downswing And Find The SLOT with this Practice Drill

Downswing for golf practice drill for more power and consistency.

Having a smooth transition and downswing is often thwarted because you won't be able to do this fast enough if you throw your arms from the top of the backswing and hit at the golf ball or try and bump and slide too much.

Which is a very common error.

A common golf swing fault is for players to rush the golf downswing because their dominant side (usually right hand ) to swing the golf club. This causes and out of sequence golf swing.

This also prevents you from shifting your weight which is critical to allow the golf club to shallow out to get on plane and to allow for the sequencing to unwind properly. If you want more lag in your downswing, it's critical that you learn how to shift your weight properly.

Many top players work on this including Justin Rose golf swing and Tiger Woods practice drills.

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Golf wins in the complication department. No other sport boasts the amount of gadgets, swing fixes, variations of balls, clubs, tees, courses, not to mention weather!, however, it is not as difficult as you have been led to believe.

Or at the very least as complicated and frustrating as the golf industry has you made you you think.

The Art of Simple Golf was born when confusion overruled the joy of golf.

You know that horrible dream where rabid dogs are coming at you, and you try to run but you are frozen in fear?

Ever feel like golf is just like that?

Not the rabid dogs part, but the frozen in fear due to over-thinking?

Stop overcomplicating. Listen to your swing.simple golf tips

Using simple methods. Simple drills, breaking down the game into tips that actually work. Giving you freedom in your golf swing.

Our goal is to get golfers to;

-play more consistent golf

-hit longer drives

-shoot lower scores

-feel better

-play better

-and enjoy golf once more

Our goal is to get golfers playing more consistent golf, hitting longer drives, shooting lower scores, feel better, play better, and enjoy golf, once again.

It’s no secret that golf has become an over-complicated game for players and coaches alike, you only need to do a quick search online for golf backswing tips and you will be bombarded with, one plane and two plane golf swings, training aids, DVD’s and equipment that promises to give you the “Perfect Golf Swing“.

But that is absolute rubbish. Im sure you have realized that by now because despite your best efforts you have not seen significant improvement.

It’s not your fault though!

The over complicated swing instruction methods have your best interests at heart, but as I alluded to earlier, they are still stuck in the “golf instruction paradigm blindness” and only give you what the industry dictates again and again.

We have scoured the globe to partner and feature some of the best coaches and smartest folks out there.

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26 thoughts on “How To Make A Downswing And Find The SLOT with this Practice Drill

  1. Excellent recommendation for getting into the slot Alex! I practice this split hand drill a lot and it definitely transcends to the golf course. Always enjoy your video content!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Great video again Alex! I'm just getting back into golf after a few years out and I'm struggling with over swing on backswing getting lead arm folding a bit causing a bit of over the top casting on downswing. This will really help me! Thanks ?

  3. This looks awesome but I’d like to know does the lower body initiate the downswing or do you straighten the trail arm first and then shift your weight..?

  4. Nice one. This drill exposes how misleading and useless the 'maintaining lag' drills that YT is awash with from many video instructors. Basically, keep one's back to the target, keep the right wrist bent as much as possible and get the hands to stay close to one's right front pocket (on the downswing almost feel that the hands are going towards one's back pocket-impossible to do – just a feeling). Well done-thanks.

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