I learnt a completely new way of swinging the golf club

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Short Swing Maximizer

I learnt a Stack & Tilt golf swing from Tom Saguto's YouTube channel.








Brian Patrick says:

While I am enjoying all of the video, the "Not even Close" @6:37 made me laugh out loud – so thumbs up for that.

Lyall Orange says:

Tried it after watching your video and was like ‘OMG’ never struck a ball like that before! You got me saying have I solved golf! Lol

John Jacobs says:


Tristan Anderson says:

Hello. As you were hitting balls into the sun, will you be investing in a ball tracker for our visual aid?

Kym Stock says:

Good to see you back Rob. I tried Stack and Tilt ( Saguto style) and yes it worked better than PGA style golf for me, yet my back did get rather sore. I tried a variant which encouraged " stillness" in the body and I found I could do that without the back issue. It was the Jim Venetos system. In time I have incorporate a slightly open stance ( ideas from Steve Jonson's Eureka swing) which helped with my alignment, and maybe when I am looking for a big draw with driver I try Marcus Edblad's method.

Doc Riley says:

Been a member of Saguto golf for years he's a great teacher definitely improved my game 6 hdcp

john mcconnon says:

You're what Mike Adams would call a front post golfer. He would maintain this is not for every golfer

Chris Pearce says:

I developed a different swing earlier this year and iron shots are so amazing now. However, I am struggling with driver and 3wd now. Those two used to be my favorite clubs. I used to hit 8 or 9 iron on par 5's just so I could use 3wd for the 2nd shot onto a par 5 green. Can't do that anymore though.

Colin S. says:

Crispy mash potatoes

AkChoirBoy says:

looking forward to the course version!

SG says:

Are there any top players using stack and tilt? I want to improve, but I'd hate to limit myself.

2011pgabnd says:

Looks like Gary Edwin’s RSS aka Rod Pampling, Gavin Coles, Peter Senior. Etc…

Tigersmundo says:

Posting on that left foot sooner let it open up to your shot and line. Lead it with your left hip post as quick as possible to lean any shallow angle into that impact.

lloydman says:

Crispy KFC!!

swingking83 says:

Tom method is straight stack and tilt. Which isn’t new but people in the industry have hated on it. Part of it cause of tour players. But what Tom does better than the majority of other teachers of this method is how he explains it. My buddy and somebody I coach from time to time watches Tom’s vids as well. When I can’t explain something as well I refer to his videos.

JoeRed1208 says:

Are you talking about Saguto? Tilt, turn, & extend? The Stack & Tilt swing has changed my game.

Clive Rose says:

I knew right at the beginning that you were talking about stack and tilt and Tom Saguto. Stack and tilt works but like all golf systems it depends on how you process the whole thing.

Algernon Wolfwhistle says:

Having confidence in one's own swing is hugely important so it will be interesting to see what happens on the course. Good luck, I hope the results are as good as the testing suggests.

C Jennings says:

Really interesting video. I was always aware of Saguto, but seeing you take it onto the range in an extended hitting session intrigued me to actually give it a go on the range myself. So, this morning I hit 120 balls doing this. What I liked was the weight forward and shoulder down part as it got me striking down onto the ball resulting in a crisp contact with slight draw ball flight. However, when I incorporated the low hands part I lost approx 6 mph of ball speed, and got a very low ball flight. I'll stick with it because some aspects definitely helped but perhaps the low hands feel is not something that works for my swing.

Martin Mieden says:

Rob, looks like I'm late to the party in identifying your new swing is Stack and Tilt. Only thing I would warn you or anyone who tries this move is watch for any pain in your lower back. I tried S&T for about 6-8mo and found I needed to see the chiropractor every week. If I didn't my lower back would cripple me. Good luck!

John says:

as soon as you stood with your weight forward is said Tom Saguto. Tried his swing and it helps get better contact. my issue is my trail foot slipping and over drawing it.

Ray Ingram says:

Great to see just a normal bloke talking through your swing change experience in layman terms…looks good niw Rob

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