How To Swing A Golf Club (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

This is how I swing a golf club. Stay tuned for part 2.

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29 thoughts on “How To Swing A Golf Club (like me) | Bryson DeChambeau

  1. OMG, people. I'm in Puerto Vallarta and I just went for a club fitting so I could order the Takomo 101 irons. One of the biggest issues with my game, and with getting any kind of fitting, is consistency. Swinging the club the same way, every time, for an hour. If you have similar issues, watch this video. Before my club fitting, I took 45 minutes to warm up and get loose and I only used swing basics, plus this video.
    I started by getting my arms and waist loose by doing the back and forth that he does in the video with the two guys for the long drive comp prep, straightening out the driver, or something. It was where he had nothing in his left hand and an iron in his right hand. I think he was just messing around, and he said "that feels cool" or something. Anyway, it looked like a really good way to unlock my waist, which is something I struggle with. I sway instead of rotate. Doing that for ten reps really helped unlock my waist and gain speed by creating lag via my legs and waist, where my arms have no choice buy to lag an follow. The arms are still going to the right when the waist fires to the left and that's when I was really able to understand creating lag.
    The second thing I did was eliminate variables by locking in the triangle that he demonstrates in this video. Upper arms are fully rotated internally and forearms are fully rotated externally and then lock it in. I expected it to fell so awkward to swing but it felt so natural and I just couldn't believe it.
    The third thing I did was the weight transfer that he demonstrates. I was pretty amazed to see how much additional rotation I was able to achieve by raising my left heel, which I've always been taught NEVER to do. With that additional rotation, the lag created by the hip firing(when club is at 9 o'clock) was phenomenal. I'm not sure if my waist is supposed to fire right then, or sooner, or later, but I do know that I was creating serious lag.
    The fourth thing that I did was actually not in this video, but it is the one thing that I have to have as my constant fundamental swing thought. Even if there are no other swing thoughts, I have to have the "Turn the club over" swing thought. I achieve this by making sure that the ONLY thing I'm thinking about during the downswing is to turn the top of my left hand to the ground and hope I'm able to get it turned by the time the club comes through, because the club is coming through faster than it ever has.
    The final thing that we did was the most amazing thing that happened during the club fitting. I'm 6'4 and 240lbs, a big boy. When I swing the club for a while, I sometimes get a blister on the outside of the top of my middle finger on my right hand, my fingers/knuckles hurt after every range session or round of golf, and I have a constant problem of, every now and again, the club head will twist to the right during my downswing. The instructor asked to see me grip the club and told me that even with the death grip that I was putting on it, which was causing both the blister and the sore fingers, there was no way for me to keep the club head stable consistently because the ends of my fingers were being stopped from finishing the grip by my palms. My hands were just too big. The didn't have anything bigger than a medium grip, so we tried that and it narrowed the spray and almost completely eliminated the right twist from occurring. Then, I had my moment of genius/dumb luck. I wrapped the towel that the instructor had given me(it's humid here) around the standard grip of the 7i and swung the club. We didn't even need to see the smash factor from the trackman to know how much I compressed that ball. The sound was obviously pure that anybody with their back to us would have known how good of a shot that was. The numbers on the trackman came up and the smash factor had gone from 1.2 to 1.35 and the swing speed had jumped from 118 to 129. Aside from that, the ball went perfectly straight and just kept going. Distance went from between 150-160 to almost 190 and it went from rolling out to almost dying at the carry distance.

    If you struggle with consistency, do the tips in this video and, once you're comfortable that you're swing is consistent, go get fitted. I'm guessing that your current clubs don't match your new, consistent swing.
    I just ordered the 101irons with +1" length, +2 degrees upright, and steel KBS tour stiff shafts, as well as the Bryson jumbo max Lite grips.
    I had no idea how important the grip size was, but now it seems so obvious.

  2. Bryson, I love your passion for golf. Saw you too on the last long drive contest and LIV. Appreciate you contributions to all levels of golf. Oh, and great instruction too!

  3. I love the information you provided and love that I heard you learned by chopping down weeds in Jersey!

    Isn’t Jersey like New York cement playgrounds.

    Can you show how far someone should be from the ball on a driver and irons?

  4. You are a really great teacher Bryson! Your instructions are easy to follow, to the point and correct. You explained what was necessary and enabled your student to quickly and without much pain or effort to acheive success. A+++??

  5. I’m glad u said I can use baseball grips if I wish it just feels the best and I always strike at 100%. Interlock or over grip I get blisters and can’t strike well at all

  6. Has anyone gone from regular grip to jumbo grip and hated it. I love my new putter with super strike grip and it's jumbo. It immediately made my putting skill accuracy 500% closer

  7. Thanks for this dude! Solid info, I've always struggled with the position of left arm at address. Hogan's book says keep both arms where elbows are almost touching and that feels so weird.

  8. Straightening the right arm through impact. So important yet it seems no online instructors talk about it. Look at any pro and right arm is very straight past impact and well into the follow through. It’s as straight as the left arm is going back.

  9. Thank you. I have been playing for ten years and I wish I was told this in the beginning. I am only understand this now. I am using and practicing these fundamentals now. Thank you thank you.

  10. The fact this channel has only 300k subs is proof the PGATour absolutely doesn't give a shit about its players. This should have been dropped on every broadcast.

  11. As someone that's really struggling with their swing this is super helpful for me. I really need to get back to the basics and kind of reset how I'm doing things. Props to you for sharing this knowledge!

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