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In this video MARK CROSSFIELD, AskGolfGuru, is giving you his best golf tips to stop moving your club path too far from the inside. Learning skills in your golf game will only help lower your golf scores and reduce your handicap.

AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield shares over 25 years of experience in golf coaching to answers your golf questions and help you play better golf.

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AutomationGolfer says:

If people with average to below average swing speeds struggle with keeping launch, why are Super Game Improvement irons strong lofted and have so much loft spaced between them i.e 5 degrees. Why not help launch with high MOI + loft proper loft spacing?

Steven Hughes says:

I’m working on exactly that I get stuck on the inside I’ve had lessons he told me the same to exit left and my handle is to high so I struggle with the shanks as well so good advice I’d say ⛳️⛳️

Solomon Li says:

This is so good. Just the little understanding of how to use intention on the follow through… Thanks Mark!

Steve George says:

Amazing that I was just working on this tonight in my home sim (Mevo+ with Pro Package). Got done and saw this little gem. I had gotten 7-11 degrees in to out and was experiencing some nice little hooks. What worked pretty well for me tonight was the feeling his instructor was giving, which I basically came to after working on what Mark was showing. My angle of attack actually shallowed a bit after getting the path more neutral, so while it might feel like you are chopping at it the reality was different. I was back under 2 degrees in to out at the end and hitting straight missiles. Know your numbers people and listen to Parfield 😂

Robert Hortin says:

Great teaching. Happy New Year!

JD says:

Path is king >>>>>club face is Queen!

Larry Smith says:

Hey Mark. I know you have done video(s) on stack and tilt method in the past but wondering if you have any current thoughts or opinions on it? Thanks a lot.

Shakes says:

that's nothing. I'm 15 in to out. didn't realize until I got fit recently and saw the numbers. had no idea.

Rolf Van Dulst says:

Thanks for the tips. They are always thought provoking!

Dave says:

By far the best golf instructor (and the clearest teacher) on YouTube. There are literally millions of golf instruction videos on YouTube and no one else explains things the way you do. Thank you for another amazing video Mr. Crossfield!

Roy Close says:

Well done mark ya could do a drill on thin shots it's just something that has creped into my game mmm

Kasper M says:

Really interesting video!
I struggle with 7-8 degrees out-to-in and heel strikes with my driver. My coach wants me to feel my hands coming closer to my body and past my right trouser pocket. At the same time, we focus a lot on getting me to rotate so that my chest is against the target. But these things makes me feel that I have exit left and mayby even more out-to-in?
I will definitely try to think "exit right" next time I am at the range and have a talk with my coach about that idea. I like the idea but am curious as to what it does to my heel strikes.

ktint1 says:

Great video mate cheers

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