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Once again Chris answers your questions on the golf game, this time answering a question regarding the follow through and the 4 things that you will need to complete your swing correctly.

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A A says:

thanks for putting up a very sensible demonstration on how to finish the swing.

WGB 8210 says:

Great video, as always! So weight shift, and the rotation and extension of the spine, but what about tilting or bending the spine a little more towards the target line during the downswing? Isn't that last movement of the spine also important? So when you think of how the spine moves, aren't there really 4 moves, not just 3?

Inspector2U says:

What i like about this channel is its not about the presenter, no fake humour or breaking out in song, basically acting like twats.Just good sensible instruction.

MGN01 says:

I play to a 9 and I have the same problem. While I strike the ball pretty good I just don’t follow through completely. Thanks so much for your great tips, Chris. Best.

Bryan Adams says:

Thanks Chris. The little drill with the hands behind is a big help for the feeling of rotating through. Rotating my hips (and body) is one of the things identified by my pro. It's causing me to lean back as my arms swing through due to my hips locking into place at point of impact. That little drill is great for helping with how that should feel with proper rotation. Thanks for another great video ?

Georgie Walker says:

Once again, many thanks Chris. It has been a long 9 months of ladies Saturday morning group lessons and driving range practices and watching and listening to ChrisRyanGolf. I am at last starting to get more of a feel for this very difficult game. Best regards from Victoria Country Club golf estate in South Africa ??

Miguel Lemme says:

Great Vid, Chris ! Thanks

LakeStevensPete says:

How important is a flat left hand (right handed player) at the top of the swing instead of a cupped wrist?

Craig Turner says:

can you comment further on the sequence of these moves. Isn't weight shift happening during transition and the extension and rotation happening later?

monkeybreeks jov says:

Chris = have you left the Belfry?!!!!!!!!!!

Gil Choi says:

the best instructional videos on YouTube.

One World says:

Fantastic teaching this golf teacher ?

Scarecrow says:

you really helped me with weight shift in my swing , this video and others…thank you!

Scatter Gunpaul says:

Hi Chris, saw you talking about keeping your head still in a recent video with M&MG, why this is wrong and what faults can arise. How do you maintain posture through to the extension part of the follow through but not for too long? I've noticed that i early extend, lose the spine angle from the address position, by thrusting the pelvis forward during the downswing. Trying to remedy that and still follow through correctly is trickier now.

Juan Carlos Seminario says:

Hi Chris, thanks for your video! It is inspiring
Please remember the invitation is open and of course the “+ 1” is also invited
Best Regards

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