This video from Natalie Adams of Smash Factor golf coaching will show you simply and easily how to improve your impact position and the movement to achieve through impact to hit the golf ball further, straighter and more consistently. Professional golfers and great ball strikers rotate their body through impact rather than making a standing up or straighten action and this drill will give you the feeling of what you are looking to achieve as you hit the golf ball.

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  1. Hi Natalie, it may be unfair for me to single out this video from all the other excellent material you provide but I found this to be incredibly good. I am not a great one for ‘drills’ but this was extremely quick and effective at getting my body turning through impact and the quality of strike and increased ball compression are clearly visible. Thank you. J

  2. This tip really was a game changer for me because it helped me realize I have been coming out of my swing posture for years. Last two golf rounds, hit my irons better than in years.

  3. This video plus one showing need to move left hit back early on downswing will be great help for me. I tend to be a hands and arm player and find it especially difficult to do a weight shift from an uphill fairway shot… Thanks again for great tuition.

  4. Great explanation I am working with this for a time with my pro.
    I left my arms more passive, and have trouble with impact. but with your explanation your arm are more active?
    Can you tell me how start the downswing in combination with the downswing? Many thankss

  5. just exactly what i have been looking for, been a few years <45>at least. now i can come thru the ball on a shallow approach,
    more time and longer straight window thru impact area. ???????❤. thank you natalie !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Natali
    It is good to see you again .I emphasis lot on this too to my students if you want to creat that optimal speed.I like to stay informed as always while even watching your videos and helps ne out if my teachings are in consonace with great pros like you.where are you based right now ;i guess in England .Is your Golf clinic there.Iam.Nanzoor (PGAI) pro from india.

  7. This gives me a great feeling of extending my arms through impact. Thanks for the tip, so useful as you can do it during a round to reinforce the feel.?

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