How To Start The Golf Downswing Correctly

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18 thoughts on “How To Start The Golf Downswing Correctly

  1. Thank you for your wonderful videos. When you "snap the towel" with your club, you're not aiming that snap toward the ball(down) but toward the target (foward)?

  2. Wrong issue, like I said, it's opening up the shoulder that's the issue, not the wrong path of the shoulder. 2.02 the guy opens up his shoulder at the transition. The girl on the left probably does it too… stop trying to throw the ball… that's the issue, not the shoulder path… and it injures the back.

  3. avoid this one guys, at 2.50 DJ does his usual crappy move, pulling flat at the transition, this is what happens when you "squat" into the swing. Caused by the Hogan grip and holding it in the fingers. All the top guys that use the fingers pull the club flat on the transition under extreme pressure. Squatting makes this worse. It's about the core, but overusing it like this is an issue. It has to be used properly, in other words by itself, this takes training and a lot of effort to accomplish especially when the posture is poor because of the grip.

    It won't ever be effective, because to be effective, the core has to be lined up correctly and holding the club in the fingers screws this up straight away.

    Doing this means you are fighting your body the instant you grip the club. It's all wrong and starts with the grip.

    DJ WILL develop chronic back pain using the fingers. All golfers that use the fingers will develop chronic back pain…. it's time for a change

  4. This gem: "…the quicker you decelerate them…". Wow.

    To make a short story long…After a 8+ year layoff from golf, completely [was a 6 handicap, due only to a LOT of range time] , at nearly 60 I've got the bug again. A few rounds found the same old swing, only shorter and less consistent.

    What a chance to re-build it – correctly this time around. So, armed with a mat, a net, iPhone slow-mo video, Doppler RADAR thingy, many weeks of rummaging through the Net…no improvement.

    Good setup, good lag UNTIL waist high then it all goes away. Zero shaft lean. Little margin for error. Average clubhead speed [for an amateur my age]. High, weak strikes.

    Your drill with the short, 'whippy'-like swings – with the deceleration component – have produced the only progress I've seen so far, where it counts. I'll stop now. But thanks. I'm subscribing.

    PS: the club-throwing thing (I read that in Shoemakers book years ago) never translated to my swing, but this does.

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