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This golf lesson shows you how to stop hitting behind the golf ball. Lets stop hitting the ball fat and start striking the ball first! For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







Mike Dooley says:

Danny, this is just the drill that I needed! I have struggled with leaving my weight back and flipping the club at impact. I can't wait to include this drill in my practice sessions. Thank you very much!

Jamshed Mukhtar says:

Thx a lot Danny my game has improved, now I'm facing ball flight direction is bit problem. Please help me.

Dave G says:

This makes so much sense. I'm looking forward to trying this drill today.
Thank you!

1WEEBLE1 says:

Thank you I am going to work on this

Paula Koncki says:

Thank you very much! Now I understand why I suddenly hit the ball behind the ball!! i went from my normal 94 , 95 shots to 101 shots!! I will go out this morning and practice what you preached!! ?⛳️????

phil l says:

Another great video. My problem seem to be that i try to square the club face on the way down. Will the club face square it self without me using my left wrist on the downswing? Phil L

Aaron Devine says:

Shall be trying this tomorrow, looking forward to my results explained very well also. Keep up the videos ?

Guy Conklin says:

Should you use this same approach when using woods (Driver or 3 wood)?

Scott Monroe says:

After months of frustration hitting irons as a new player, and watching quite a few videos, this was the first one that clicked. Third ball at range practicing this technique was a 160yd 7 iron hit straight at the flag. And they kept coming. What a great feeling, thanks!

Nilda Pascual says:

Great lesson!

Rob Randall says:

Really good video!

Jose Gubaira says:

Very good video. I “ll focus on that drill.

Peter Goodman says:

This shot is killing my game and my love of golf. IV had this for a couple of months now

ar halimi says:

dear Coach .. this video is OMG so beautiful .. thtz all I can say ..
t?Q t?Q t?Q ..
cnt wait to try it ..

David Ryan says:

Thanks Danny your instructions are so helpful. I was so frustrated, that I didn't even feel worthy to be on a golf course.
You zeroed in on the many secrets of this game . Your out of trap video was a gem as well. Your whole attitude gives me hope.
I love this game and want to enjoy it. You have helped immensely. Thanks again

Essential Wills says:

great videos

Robert Elliott says:

Great content. Must carry it on to  practice range.!!!

Fred Rich says:

Best drill EVER

Ken Jones says:

I enjoy how you are able to make it so simple. Identify the problem, work backward through the solution and build on success. Thank you.

Robert Brown says:

HI Danny. I started playing in the '70's when hand/grip position was nearly on the lead hip, and to sweep the ball away as we drive through. Modern appraoch is hand/grip is anything from 1" passed the belly button, to inside the lead thigh, more typically under the lead PEC/chest area, but we still sweep the ball away as the bottom point of the club swing ALWAYS remains after the ball, and striking the ball it is a bye product of the flowing swing. Your explanation of hittiing the  destination point and weight transfer weight has proved invaluable. I'm now focussed on turning/rotating using my ABS/Obliques. Hands, arms hold and manoeuvre the golf club and are virtually tension free so are my shoulders since I'm using ABS throughout the WHOLE rotation/swing process. My lead hip is posted by the time I've struck the ball. my momentum and weight transfer continues and is at 90% at destination point & nearly 100% on my lead leg/hip when facing the target and swing is complete. Early days and load more reps needed, but it's a start. Thx

M1ytwo says:

A lot of great golf teachers online but I guess this probably was one of the best piece of information for me to get the swing right. So thanks for that and keep it up!

Andrew Duncan says:

Great video will get Ou there and practice this it is great

robberbaron says:

Great video. I tend to stiffen up as I am afraid of hitting a bad shot. We all know what happens…fat shot and more tension and the process repeats. You are spot on and I will try the drill once the weather warms up. Thank you.

Ardrasis says:

Fantastic explanations. Thank you

Paul Lucas says:

Hi Danny thank you. Just a question, I recently started raising my lead arm higher in the backswing after watching your video and this has helped a lot. The problem is I'm now hitting the ground more behind the ball and love the idea of reverse engineeing this, My concern is t set up I purposely angle my spine so it is tilted away so I'm not vertical or near it at set up. This has come from online coaching from elsewhere and I'm worried that this is making the follow through harder to achieve. A telltale sign is a lot of the time after follow through I'm unbalanced and falling backwards. The 2nd half of the vid is very clear where I need to be practising. I guess I need a lesson and after playing Canterbury a couple of times I'd dearly love to come over again.

spakuloid says:

Thanks – I needed this video. You explained the confidence issues perfectly.

J D says:

Just found your website and have found the three videos I have watched so far, most informative. I like the way you give reasons for your drills based on our golfing faults. Thanks.

Brian Sharp says:

Great lesson. For some reason I can swing as shown when no ball is there but when I try to hit the ball I find I focus too much on that and kind of freeze and hit the ground. If I focus on a spot a few inches ahead of the ball sometimes it helps. Have you any tips on where to focus your vision at address?

Glenn Patrick B.A. says:

Hey Danny,
Great videos!
When setting up for an iron shot what should you weight distribution be at the setup . 50/50, 45/55, or…….
When I setup with my weight 50/50 I find it hard to get back to my lead side. But when I start with my weight say 60/40 I flush the iron shot better.
But am I losing distance with the weight 60/40?
Please let me know. Thank you and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.
Glenn from Canada.

Stephen Turner says:

I am a double amputee. I have a prosthetic left leg ( above the knee ) and a prosthetic right arm. I can’t get a big turn at all . Do you have any advice ? I play with a solo rider Cart to help me stand up. Thank you

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