HOW TO STOP THE SLICE! Simple drill to get you on the right path

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Steve Johnny says:


Wolfie McWolf says:

Now, this will make you laugh. I have real trouble moving irons left to right, I could do with a slice 🤣

Riley95 says:

Feel like i pull the follow through inside to the left and cut across the ball . but don't fancy messing about with foot position 💔

thrilla manilla says:

Gonna try.
I've been trying the opposite and opening my front leg but this might work!!

Russell Longhurst says:

I’m a slicer, my problem is that I struggle getting the face shut. I’m in to out and hit up on it so all good in that sense just struggle with face angle at impact

S Ware says:

i do this with all of my longer clubs (DR down to 8) has help me hit straight shots and have more fun playing.

CzechMan89 says:

Fix club face first, THEN work on swing path. All slices are caused by an open club face, and instead of fixing the club face golfers change their swing path (out to in) in order to have any chance of getting the ball near the target. The over-the-top move is a result of an open club face – it's not a cause.
Fix your club face first everyone!

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