Can You Slice With A In to Out Club Path

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Can You Slice With A In to Out Club Path. More golf Q&A with AskGolfGuru PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about slicing the golf ball and if you can slice the ball with a in to out club path. Play your best golf with Marks simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and fun videos.

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CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

Yeah push slice. Do it all the time

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

I can slice from a 45 degree closed clubface at address and swinging to the right. I get the g force thing you were mentioned

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

It’s exactly what I do

Offline P.K says:

Bloody hell this bloke says a lot without saying much at all.

Big LC says:

push slice. been there done that. I think Mark was trying to extend the clip abit. Otherwise it'll be done in 30 sec

Daniel Mikkelsen says:

Got any drills to improve strike?
Is it just repetitions?

TrailTrackers says:

Another great video and explanation from Mark imho. We all know Mark is a numbers, numbers and more numbers guy at heart. Recently I decided to take his advice and "get on a launch monitor". I actually purchased the GC2+HMT and not only do I now totally understand what Mark is talking about, I can totally see it for myself. It doesn't matter what swing path you have, a slice or hook (with varying degrees) is possible depending on "face angle in relation to path at the time of collision"; it really is that simple. Bubba Watson also totally understands this as is evident by his ability to make the ball do totally crazy things; at will and on purpose mind you.
Before I had my launch monitor I was having a lot of trouble trying to get the ball to draw with my driver. But with the launch monitor showing me the collision conditions, and using Mark's knowledge as an additional guide, I was able to begin hitting varying degrees of draws (on purpose) within 30 short minutes of getting it set up. And my handicap is dropping quickly as a result of this.
Mark, you are an awesome instructor with a vast amount of knowledge, and we as your "students" are so lucky that you have decided to share it online. I think I can safely say for a lot of people that your down-to-earth, no bullshit and buzzwords approach is very effective and much appreciated. As always… Thanks again.

Izzy xoxo says:

Ninja is Rick shields!!

Surgeon007 says:

So logistically… There is 360 paths?

John White says:

If I grew tomatoes they would come out sliced.

Query says:

See I told you the glasses aren't just for show.

Emily Ho says:

Whats with all the hate on golf ninja recently?

Mr. TopRamen says:

Quit answering these dumb questions and review my swing! Lol

Peter Klemperer says:

Creating feedback of swing, watch flight, check strike made a big difference in my consistency. Great tips as always Mr. Crossfield.

Stefan Gowlar says:

I love how the suggested videos on this page are "Two slices of Pepperoni pizza – how bad can it actually be?"

hummingfish says:

I've found that Dr Scholls foot odor spray works well for looking at strike patterns. I think it's quite a bit cheaper than strike tape too. 

CeeAyCee says:

Haven't you said in the past that grip will effect face to path issues?

golfninja says:

@Mark Crossfield If questioner means it starts left of target sometimes then curves to the right then in swing direction he has to be swinging left of target sometimes assuming a more centred strike out of the face. If he means it always starts right of target then curves further right it's a push slice. Or sometimes he may be hitting out of the neck of a metal, hybrid or driver.

Jam3s says:

pronounced "melbin" lol

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